WiFi or wireless connection is the best way to connect your PC and Canon printer. However, your printer should be the wireless model for this process. So let’s see how you can connect the WiFi to the IJ printer.


Guidelines for Canon Printer First-Time Hardware Setup

The setup process for every Canon model is almost similar, however the download through http://ij.start.cannon and installation process may differ. Let’s start with your Canon printer model setup –

  • The first thing is you have to remove the box packaging and take out the Canon printer model from the box.
  • The model hardware is packed in plastic, hence take off each tape, plastic and other packaging material. 
  • Make sure the surface where you are placing the printer is clean and close to Pc or laptop.
  • Check the shipped components with your inkjet printer. For example, setup CD for windows and mac, power cable, Cartridges and manual.
  • Take the power cable and connect one end to the printer’s power cord in the rear and another end to the power switch to start the Setup.
  • Press the ON button to turn your printer on.
  • If you see a stable light, pull the Paper Output Tray and cover.
  • Install Fine cartridge and ink cartridge, then slide paper guide.
  • Insert fine, valid blank papers and ensure everything is set up smoothly.
  • The canon printer model is Setup. Now you’ve to visit https://ij.start.cannon to download the latest printer software to continue further. 

Visit for more info- https://ij.start.cannon | http://ij.start.cannon | https //ij.start.cannon | ij.start.cannon .

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