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Drop shadow nowadays consumers are smarter than you and difficult to catch up their attention effortlessly.Reflection shadow is a process of shadow creation services which makes an object over the image by laying a direc

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<p><a href=\"\"><strong>Drop shadow effect</strong></a>&nbsp;is&nbsp;a visual effect consisting of a drawing element that looks like the shadow of an object also&nbsp;giving the impression that the object is raised above the object behind it. It gives a more realistic effect&nbsp;which makes the imagination of light source to shine of an object. Best drop shadow effect&nbsp;results come from a white or very light backgrounds.</p> <p>Why drop shadow services at clipping path genius?</p> <p>Clipping path genius experts always concerned about what type of drop shadow creation would be ideal for you without take many photos on a surface that can never give accurate output but required more time. Drop shadow gives more preferable result on white or very light background. Natural shadow gives creative or natural look of drop shadow of photos where reflection shadow produces&nbsp;more appealing and capture coalescence than normal ones. We set up or remove shadow in Photoshop according to your product requirements that you can see&nbsp;after effects drop shadow.</p> <p>Shadow making capable clients to take photos without reflection from latest photoshoot and helps to make a shadow or shadow reflection around the picture. Besides, it also gives a visual effect that not attain through natural photography. Different kinds of shadow like&nbsp;natural shadow, reflection shadow, drop shadow, floating shadow are applied according to product photos. Shadow creation gives double&nbsp;beauty and realistic look of an image to the customers.&nbsp;</p> <p>Shadow creation service:</p> <p>Shadow creation service is a image editing service that creates an object by laying a direct shade over the rest of an image. It is used for adding drop shadow in Photoshop on white or very light background&nbsp; images that gives simplicity, more natural 3D view and create a depth in an image.&nbsp; We use clipping path to create a path around the image to smooth out the edges of shadow. And also make shadow light to make more refined look that seems more natural and realistic form of shadow creation or shadow reflection which attract customers easily at first look. It is also used to test visible images of any documents. Drop shadow may place on the content or below of the level. However, the process of shadow creation not only take skill and time but also you need to understand how work shadow and what types of shadow you need to apply?</p> <p>Types of Shadow creation service:</p> <ol> <li><strong><strong>Natural shadow:&nbsp;</strong></strong>Natural shadow is&nbsp;commonly used in order to smooth out existing edges and&nbsp;to create a visual effect of the object which cast a shadow on background. Basically, it is original shadow that is reflected by the image. Moreover,&nbsp;natural shadow makes the products&nbsp;look more realistic and appealing that allure customers easily.</li> <li> <p><strong>Drop shadow:&nbsp;</strong>Drop shadow is a kind of shadow that makes the object seems as slightly raised over the background. The object also give an eye remain floating on the background and most of the time it is replaced, changed something. Adding drop shadow in Photoshop give an image more depth of field that make more real or 3D than 2D.This kind of effect found in displaying online products,&nbsp; advertising images, web pages and catalogue photographs. <a href=\"\">clipping path service</a></p> </li> </ol> <p>3. Creating image Reflection / Mirror effect:</p> <p>Reflection shadow is a process of shadow creation services&nbsp;which makes an object over the image by laying a direct shade beyond the object.&nbsp;This kind of shadow is applied to highlight emotions that present&nbsp;a product on surface to create fantastic images and modify the impressions&nbsp;in various ways. This is used for e-commerce product&nbsp;photos on&nbsp;<strong>white background</strong>&nbsp;and adds a special dimension of an image. It is very important to perform this task by skilled experts to get high quality otherwise it would be unnatural and poor.</p>


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