Very Slightly Included Diamonds (VS) In New York City

ShivShambu is the best place to buy the diamond for your Single stone ring in Diamond District in New York. Get your Diamond today and mount on Your Engagement Ring. For more information about Diamond, Visit our store.

Very Slightly Included (VS) Category Diamonds have slight inclusions. The inclusions found in the VS category cannot be seen by the naked eye. The VS category is divided into 2 grades, first VS1 and second VS2. VS1 grade refers to a higher clarity grade than the VS2 grade. VS category diamonds are very beautiful and shiny. Visit our online store to learn more about and buy VS-grade diamonds.

Shiv Shambu Diamonds have been pioneering in diamonds jewelry for the last 20 Years. Located in heart of New York City, USA. Our store is a reflection of our artistry. We’ve been reimagining and progressing in the industry; collaborating with the biggest manufactures providing the finest & unique work. We aspire to meet the customer's demand with products of supreme quality. 

As one step-in we first believe in educating them about diamonds as we are passionate about it. You can meet with one of our Certified Diamond Specialists, or simply learn anything about diamonds. We can answer all of your questions. Understanding customers need is what comes next. Never think about your budget contact our gemologist to accommodate your need.


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