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At VIVA EVE, we believe you shouldn`t have to live with the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of fibroid symptoms. We specialize in uterine fibroid embolization - UFE.

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<p>At <a href=\"\">VIVA EVE</a>, we believe you shouldn`t have to live with the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of fibroid symptoms. We specialize in <a href=\"\">uterine fibroid embolization - UFE</a>. Our team of board-certified physicians and caring staff will help guide you through diagnosis and treatment options.<br /> <br /> Because not all patients are suitable candidates for UFE, we start each patient relationship with the goal of always recommending the course of treatment that is best for the patient and her unique circumstances.<br /> <br /> The entire VIVA EVE team is committed to providing superior quality and personalized care for each patient we see. We help you determine which treatment is the best way to treat your <a href=\"\">problematic fibroids</a>. We do not recommend treatments that are not appropriate for you.<br /> <br /> Have more questions? Need to make an appointment? Call to VIVA EVE for an appointment by this number: (718) 269-4990 (24-hour answering service)</p> <p><strong>VIVA EVE</strong><br /> 108-18 63rd Rd,<br /> Forest Hills, NY 11375<br /> (718) 269-4990<br /> <a href=\"\"></a><br /> <br /> <strong>Working Hours</strong><br /> Monday: 8 AM - 7 PM<br /> Tuesday: 8 AM - 7 PM<br /> Wednesday: 8 AM - 7 PM<br /> Thursday: 8 AM - 7 PM<br /> Friday: 8 AM - 7 PM<br /> Saturday: 8 AM - 4 PM<br /> Sunday: Closed<br /> <br /> <strong>P</strong><strong>ayment:</strong>&nbsp;cash, check, credit cards.</p> <p><strong>Contact Us:</strong></p> <p><a href=\"\">Facebook</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Twitter</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Linkedin</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Instagram</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Youtube</a><br /> <a href=\"[email protected]/\">Flickr</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Tumblr</a><br /> <a href=\"\">Pinterest</a></p> <p><strong>Find Us:</strong></p> <p><a href=\"\">Google Maps</a><br /> <a href=\"\"></a></p> <p><strong>Keywords:</strong>&nbsp;<a href=\"\">fibroid clinic</a>, fibroid surgery nyc, fibroid center nyc, best fibroid surgeon, gynecologist specializing in fibroids, uterine fibroid specialist nyc, best fibroid surgeons nyc, fibroid center, fibroid specialist nyc, fibroid treatment center, fibroid specialist, fibroid doctor, fibroid specialist, uterine fibroid specialist, best treatment for fibroids, best method to remove fibroids, best treatment for intramural fibroids, best way to remove fibroids, best fibroid doctor, best fibroid surgeon, best way to treat fibroids, best treatment for uterine fibroids, best treatment for large fibroids, fibroids treatment,&nbsp;<a href=\"\">uterine fibroids treatment</a>, fibroids natural treatment, fibroid uterus treatment naturally, how to treat fibroids, fibroid treatment options, fibroid treatment without surgery, how to treat uterine fibroids, fibroid tumor treatment, bleeding fibroids treatment, fibroid pain treatment, best treatment for fibroids, intramural fibroid treatment, holistic treatment for fibroids, natural treatment for fibroid tumors, medical treatment of fibroid uterus, 5 cm fibroid treatment.</p>


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I love the staff here! I moved less than a year ago and have been considering finding a new gynecology of location but the amazing staff has kept me here.

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