The Hayze Brand

Explore the Art and designs that you have never seen before. Shop Artistic Graphic Tees and Custom Made Cool Hoodies only at The Hayze Brand. Get Personalized Clothing For Men and bring up your style game. Tees, Hoodies,

The Hayze brand believes there are no rules or limits when it comes to artistic expression. Experiment as much as you want with color and design.

With that in mind and a desire to make the world colorful and more fun, the founder, Andrew Hayes stepped into the Entertainment and Arts industry with an insatiable desire to leave a mark. His creative mind has led him to create unique designs informed by his artistic mantra “BE YOU.”

Here at The Hayze Brand, experimenting with patterns is our favorite activity. Playing with colors and creating incredibly unique designs for our customers is an everyday reality in our dream life. Because we believe that people live happier and more fulfilled when they are free to be themselves. From providing logos and designs for our business clients to selling exclusively created murals, canvases, clothing, and even a sneaker collection directly to consumers, The Hayze Brand is doing it all.


Heaven for Pop-Art lovers, The Hayze Brand is capturing the market with their alluring and unique designs from a deep and meaningful process. Nothing is meaningless, everything has something to say when you are listening. Our designs will give you the motivation to embrace yourself unapologetically and stop trying to fit in.

We believe in one truth above all. BE YOU! YOU are perfect! YOU are amazing! And YOU are unique! In a world of 7 billion people There is no one like YOU!


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