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Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins appearance, attracts diseases, carries pests, and offends the neighbors - not to mention endangering the health of your family and pets. Somebody has to do it.

From waste dispensers to waste bags, we offer everything a dog owner could need to properly dispose of their pet’s poo without hassle.

When waste isn’t disposed of properly, the consequences can be disastrous. There are roughly 23 million fecal bacteria in just one gram of dog feces, many of which spread disease. Some pet owners think that poop is natural, and therefore, they shouldn’t have to worry about their dog’s waste as long as it’s on the grass. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, our natural ecosystem can handle two dogs per square mile. In populated areas, there are an average of 125 dog per square mile. Therefore, it is essential that all pet owners remove their dog’s waste.


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