Santino Metal Industries Inc.


Santino Metal Industries Inc. was established in 1994 primarily as a fabricator of wire products. Services offered: METAL FABRICATION, CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS, PRINTING SERVICES, NDOOR/OUTDOOR SIGNAGE, CAGES.

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<p>Santino Metal Industries Inc., was established in 1994 primarily as a fabricator of wire products focusing on poultry and household supplies. Recognizing the need of the market for innovative, modern &amp; trendy yet cost effective advertising &amp; promotional products, we pooled a team of highly skilled engineers, graphic artists, carpenters, operators and electricians, equipped with the most up-to-date software and machinery.</p> <p>MISSION</p> <p>We are committed to efficiently deliver world class, high quality products and services to our clients.</p> <p>VISION</p> <p>To be a globally competitive and innovative manufacturer of top-of-the-line merchandising products primarily focused on total customer satisfaction for their continuous growth and development</p> <p>CORE VALUES</p> <p>EXCELLENCE, RESPONSIVENESS,&nbsp;INTEGRITY AND&nbsp;TEAMWORK&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES</p> <p>We have an Account Executives that can help our clients with their requirements and ready to meet them at their earliest convenience.</p> <p>MARKETING</p> <p>Our Marketing Goal is a specific and measurable objective that helps you meet your broader business goals.</p> <p>DESIGN EXPERTS</p> <p>We have creative designers that helps our clients to conceptualize their requirement.</p> <p>PRODUCTION</p> <p>Our Production Management goal is to produce goods and services of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at minimum cost.</p> <p>LOGISTICS</p> <p>Our logistics goal is to deliver goods quickly, safe and on time from the location of production to the consumer.</p> <p>METAL FABRICATION<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>METAL RACK</p> <p>Display Rack<br /> Clothes Rack<br /> Metal Shelving</p> <p>GONDOLA SHELVING</p> <p>Island Gondola<br /> End Cap Gondola<br /> Double Face Gondola</p> <p>CHECK-OUT COUNTER</p> <p>Checkout Counter Table<br /> Checkout Counter Display</p> <p>METAL CART</p> <p>Roll Cage<br /> Metal Trolley</p> <p>WIRE PRODUCT</p> <p>Wire Basket<br /> Wire Hanger<br /> Merchandising Rack</p> <p>CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS</p> <p>PRODUCT DISPLAY</p> <p>Product Glorifier<br /> Counter Top Display<br /> Product Holder<br /> Product Dispenser</p> <p>P.O.P DISPLAY</p> <p>Tact Bin<br /> Glass Showcase<br /> Back Wall Display</p> <p>PR KIT</p> <p>Premium Product Box<br /> Product Packaging<br /> Customize Box</p> <p>BOOTH</p> <p>Sampling Booth<br /> Customized Booth<br /> Booth Cart</p> <p>PRINTING SERVICES</p> <p>VEHICLE WRAPPING SERVICE</p> <p>Company Service, Bus, Van, Personal Vehicle</p> <p>DIE-CUT STICKER AND STICKER ON BOARD</p> <p>Menu Board<br /> Decal Sticker<br /> Life Size Standee</p> <p>TARPAULIN</p> <p>Large Format Print<br /> Billboard Banner<br /> Sign Banner<br /> Event Banner</p> <p>WALL MURAL</p> <p>Wall Mural Sticker</p> <p>INDOOR/OUTDOOR SIGNAGE</p> <p>BUILD-UP SIGNAGE</p> <p>Life Size Build-Up Signage<br /> Wall Signage</p> <p>LIGHTED SIGNAGE</p> <p>Indoor/Outdoor Store Signage<br /> Store Front Signage<br /> Mounted Signage</p> <p>PANAFLEX SIGNAGE</p> <p>Single Face Panaflex<br /> Double Face Panaflex</p> <p>METAL SIGNAGE</p> <p>Build-Up Metal Signage<br /> CNC Cut Out Metal Signage<br /> Stainless Signage</p> <p>CAGES</p> <p>DOG CAGES</p> <p>Heavy Duty (3&times;5.ft) Dog Cage<br /> Dog Cage &ndash; Double<br /> Dog Cage Carrying</p> <p>BIRD CAGES</p> <p>Bird Cage &ndash; Single<br /> Bird Cage &ndash; Double<br /> Bird Cage &ndash; Large</p> <p>SCRATCH PENS</p> <p>Scratch Pen<br /> Square Pen<br /> Flying Pen</p>


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