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We are a diamond dealing firm and a global supplier of rough diamonds directly from African mines. We sell types of diamonds likes, Rough Diamonds, Raw Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Uncut Diamonds, etc.

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G.P.M diamonds is one of the leading Congo Rough Diamond Suppliers. Congo cubes rough diamonds originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It especially notices for their square or cube shape. These rough cube diamonds are possible in other shapes as well, like uneven round shapes. The Congo cube rough diamonds are also a Congo cubes raw diamonds and Congo cubes uncut diamonds. The size of the rough diamonds is from 1 mm to almost 6 mm.  Well, sometimes the bigger size is also available. The colors of the lot are usually of a mix of silver, gray, yellow, green, brown and many more.

Rough diamonds Suppliers in past were in use for rough diamond dangle pendants, rings, necklace, earrings, bracelets, and other vintage jewelry. Whereas these days they use them as a designer diamond jewelry. G.P.M diamonds- rough diamonds is the Kimberley process certification scheme compliant. It will not be possible to issue an individual certification as the list below is only a small part of the major list that ranges from 100 Carat to 5000 Carat.

G.M.P. is a diamond dealing firm and a global supplier of rough diamonds directly from African mines. With expertise in the diamond mining industry, G.M.P. founder Koffi Joseph decided to bring his passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of the diamond industry to G.M.P. Our head office is located right in the heart of the diamond industry, Accra, Ghana. In the years since its initial conception, G.M.P. has triumphantly established a reliable global network of diamond trading. We also Rough diamond suppliers, Rough diamond dealer, Angola rough diamond suppliers, Congo rough diamond suppliers, Rough diamond suppliers in Belgium.


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