PlutoCraft provides viciously powerful Magickal, Psychic and Remote Influencing services to people from all walks of life. Starting from a poor man in India, ending with corporations of United States, PlutoCraft serves p

I’m Master PlutoCraft. I am a gifted Spiritualist and Magician of powerful disciplines, a Reiki Energy Healer, Reiki Magick Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic (Tarot, Pendulum, Channeling, and Candle Language). I was born with Magickal abilities and later in my life I received a strong message from the Universe that it is time to put my abilities into action – help people who come to me for help. Just like everyone else, I had choices. I chose to study and practice the most powerful forms of Magick, those forms that actually resolve problems from the core root, from their depths, not just from the surface. This is extremely crucial, and that’s what makes the difference between successful spells and failed spells. That’s what makes the difference between spells that last and spells that fall apart. That’s what makes the difference between failure and total success.


YES, Magick Often Works When Nothing Else Does! Yet...

Complelling Master PlutoCraft Magick Works When Other Magicks, Or Others, Fail! 

PlutoCraft's Magick = It's Your Obeyed Success. 

Period. Guaranteed! No "Iffs" And "Butts".

Welcome To Official PlutoCraft Magick & Miracles Website - 
World's Most Authoritative Double-Certified Magician!

So, It’s Magick time! ALL THE TIME!

Now… Ask Yourself…

Why just want it…when you can HAVE IT.
Why just imagine it… when you can SEE IT.
Why just attract it…when you can MAKE IT.

Hello. My name is Master PlutoCraft. I am an experienced, gifted Magician, Remote Influencer, Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and gifted Psychic. Along with other metaphysical practices that I do, I bring you fast results that you desire!

My advice to you: when it comes to Magick and life, always be careful whom you work with. Choose with your intuition and logic! That’s all I want to say…

Here are three interesting facts about me that will quickly shows you that your success is my passion:

  • My Magick success rate is 99% – that means if I take your case, you will see results!
  • My Remote Influencing success rate is 100% – and I think it says it all!
  • My Pstchic accuracy was tested at 98.3% in Atlanta, GA… And it was back in 2012…

Now, ask yourself a question: will you contact me for your FREE consultation right now or later?

Better now because the longer you wait, the longer you will wait for your results.

Here are my top areas of expertise:

  • Love Magick
  • Money Magick
  • Business Magick
  • Protection Magick
  • Custom Spells


I also create ever-working Prayers and created a product called A Prayer That Always Works

And here is who I am as well:

  • I am an author
  • Travel and life enjoyer
  • Practice several styles of Magickal arts
  • Metaphysician
  • Successful in life – I do not “sell” what I am personally not good at
  • Teach by example only
  • Authentic person
  • Always innovative and an improver
  • I innovated several ever-working love spells and Inevitable Change Pluto Spell
  • Talisman creator
  • Practice from high energy places
  • Scorpio by zodiac
  • I quit prestegious university to start my own business helping people
  • I love to donate to less-fortunate
  • I collect money in different currencies
  • And there is more… Much more…


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