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If you are looking for the best way to lose weight, contact Phatt Away. This is a 3 Step Program to heal your gut. To get more information about this program visit our website.

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Putting Health at the Top (Phatt) program is a 3 step weight loss system uniquely designed to achieve your health and weight-loss goals. This program is specially designed to balance your hormones during the detox phase to actually teach your body to lose weight.

3 step program to weight lose!

Step 1: First 3 Days

No calories counting! These foods are lean meats, e.g. turkey, chicken, pork, beef all lean and seafood. The vegetables are mainly green in the first 3 days. We take top of the range supplements which are all natural to support your body through the whole program.

Step 2: Meal Plans

For between 27 – 37 days we have a meal plan and an approved list which you follow a low calorie count for these days. The nutritional support is all natural. We have a lot of doctors and nutritionists very supportive of the program.

Step 3: Maintenance

Maintenance off another approved food list but calorie intake doubles and if going to repeat the stages need to be on stage 3 for at least 14 days.

To get more information about this program, visit our website.


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