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Oxford Certified WordPress Professional Authorized Adobe Creative Technology Academy WordPress is a widely prevalent open source software tool used to create website Content Management System (CMS). Its real power lies

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<p>Oxford Certified<br /> WordPress Professional</p> <p>Authorized Adobe Creative Technology Academy</p> <p>WordPress is a widely prevalent open source software tool used to create website Content Management System (CMS). Its real power lies in its flexibility to create&nbsp;weblogs and CMS in an instant. According to a recent survey, more than 30% websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. A WordPress user is not required to&nbsp;know much about coding to manage complex websites and weblogs. Oxford Software Institute in Delhi offers the best classes in WordPress.</p> <p>WORDPRESS</p> <p>In this module, student will learn Installing and Configuring WordPress, Selecting and Uploading themes, Managing Web Pages and Posts, Appearance, Widgets,&nbsp;Menus, Media Settings, Installing and Configuring Plugins, Users &amp; Comments Management, Backup, Restoration of WordPress Site and Child Theme Management.&nbsp;Further, students will also learn managing simple to complex website and blogs and building E-Commerce Sites using WordPress. As WordPress uses MySql to&nbsp;store data, we will also learn to manage MySql database.</p> <p>SOFT SKILLS</p> <p>Having a technical and discipline-specific expertise can help you get to the interview room but it&rsquo;s the soft skills that will make the hiring manager&nbsp;hand you the appointment letter. In this module, students will learn various Soft Skills like how to communicate professionally in English, Speaking in&nbsp;public without hesitation, using effective gestures and postures to appear impressive, managing stress and emotions and taking successful interviews.&nbsp;Oxford Software Institute provides the best classes in Soft-skill training.</p> <p>CERTIFICATIONS*</p> <p>During / After this course, students may also appear for the following certifications :</p> <ul> <li>Oxford Certified WordPress Professional</li> </ul>


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