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Tree removals can be quick and easy, or highly technical, dangerous situations. Whatever the situation, Adam Wingo is a skillful, certified arborist you can trust.

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Out On A Limb Tree Service is a Certified Arborist to enhance the natural beauty of your trees in Northern Virginia. We provide services like Tree risk Assessment, Cabling and Bracing, Storm Damage Response, Tree Removal & Stump Removal. We serve in Northern Virginia over 15 years with a reputation of top quality service at affordable prices. Contact us 24/7 days a week for a free estimate.


As a certified arborist, Adam Wingo and his staff use both scientific and artistic methods to maintain the health and beauty of trees. They go beyond the basics, educating his clients on the best strategy to achieve what they want and what’s best for their trees, with the ultimate goal of gaining their long-term trust.


  • ISA Certified Arborist on staff
  • All tree pruning is accomplished to ANSI A300 (Part 1) Standards
  • Culture of safety and professionalism
  • Sharing of knowledge and expertise with customers


No Job is Too Big or Too Small.

Out on a Limb offers a variety of services to help our customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees. No matter the size or scope of your tree requirement, Adam and his staff want to work with you to protect your landscape investment.

Out on a Limb Tree Service offers a wide array of services, including:

  • Tree pruning: Adam and his staff provide ANSI standard pruning methods, including crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reducing. Vista pruning and structural pruning are two other common pruning types. We will discuss what is best for your trees, and offer expert advise for all scenarios.
  • Tree removal: From dead trees to storm damage, our team can remove trees that have already fallen or are in danger. Our 24-hour emergency service ensures you get the help you need when you need it most!
  • Stump grinding:Tree stump removal and grinding beautifies your lawn, makes your landscape safer, and frees up area for other plants or area use. We are unique in that we use specialized equipment for stump grinding that most other tree services do not offer.
  • Tree risk management/hazard evaluation:Most homeowners don’t give much thought to the trees on their property until a problem arises. However, many issues can be caught ahead of time. Let Adam and his staff assess your trees to ensure that your property is safe.
  • Cabling and bracing assessments and installation:We assess your trees and use synthetic material to bind them. This keeps them from splitting and splintering, and can be a permanent repair/solution or insurance solution.
  • Individual tree fertilization:Like all living things, plants require nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. Out On A Limb Tree Service determines the formula and intervals for fertilizing, based on the specific needs of your landscape, tree species, soil conditions, tree age, tree diseases, health, location, weather and stress conditions.
  • Air spading:When you have to go underground for construction or repairs in your landscape, there is a better option that can help preserve your valuable trees: Air Spading. Adam and his staff use specialized pneumatic air spades to remove the soil with the least amount of root damage.
  • Vertical mulching: Your trees need fresh air and water, just like you, but soil compaction can make these difficult to attain. Vertical mulching is a process that can reduce the effects of soil compaction, thus lessening stress on your trees. To accomplish this, we drill holes into the soil and then backfill them with porous materials appropriate for the site.
  • Lightning protection installation for trees:The best way to protect trees from lightening is to have lightning rods installed. The metal of the lightning rod provides an even better conductor than the moisture in the trunk, so the lightning bolt is guided down to earth without injuring the tree.
  • Crown reductions: The practice of tree topping, or crown reduction, is the most destructive thing one can do to a tree. If topping is the only “solution,” one should consider total tree removal. When a tree is topped, the diameter of the stems and main trunk eventually decay leaving a hollow from where a once sturdy tree survived. New adventitious sprouts form very quickly as the tree attempts desperately to produce food. The connections of these new sprouts are very weak and subject to chronic failure.
  • Root collar excavations: If you cover your tree’s root collar with a mound of mulch and soil, you’ll bury the chances of enjoying a long-lived tree. By using compressed air to remove excess soil from the base of the tree, Out On A Limb Tree Service can reduce the risk of injuring large roots and tree trunks.
  • Radial trenching:One method we use for rejuvenating roots on a tree that has had soil compaction and/or fill soil added is Radial Trenching, which involves excavating narrow trench spokes outward from the trunk.
  • Arborist consultations:Adam is a licensed and insured arborist that is passionate about keeping your trees safe and healthy. Request a consultation with him and his staff today!
  • Cat rescue:When your feline friend finds itself up a tree, call on Adam and his staff to help you out. Many times, firefighters and police are unable or unwilling to help. We can be called upon to rescue cats utilizing a number of different methods.
  • Kite and radio-controlled (RC) aircraft recovery:If your kite or RC plane gets stuck in a tree, call Adam and his staff, and we can help retrieve it!

Military Discounts

We offer discounts for active duty retired military (ID required).

Competitors Coupons

We honor coupons from our competitors on services we offer. Please inform us of your plan to use a coupon prior to estimate. Total maximum savings is 15% off.

Areas We Cover

Out on a Limb Tree Service provides tree care and tree removal services in Fairfax Station, Burke, Burke Station, Great Falls, McLean, Reston, Clifton, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax, Sterling, Ashburn (Fairfax County, Arlington County, and Loudoun County). We DO NOT service Maryland or Washington, D.C.
If you are looking for an expert licensed tree service, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (866) 987-2288 for a free estimate.


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