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Ohana Recovery Center, rehab for women, is a comprehensive recovery facility that offers personalized treatment for every woman who chooses to recover with us. We take pride in customizing the recovery process to meet pp

Ohana Recovery Center, rehab for women, is a comprehensive recovery facility that offers personalized treatment for every woman who chooses to recover with us. We take pride in customizing the recovery process to meet each client’s needs. While our program is gender-specific, we are on a mission to help any individual who is seeking recovery in finding the treatment that best fits their needs. Our all-women’s program is powered by an all-women’s staff who understand the unique needs of women when seeking treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring issues.

An Ideal Recovery Center For Women

O-han-a (n.) means family.

Ohana Recovery Center For Women is a licensed rehabilitation center in Agoura Hills, just outside Malibu, California. Our trauma-focused approach to healing creates a safe space where we love women until they learn to love themselves

Here at Ohana Recovery Center, a drug & alcohol treatment center that understands the loneliness that accompanies with substance abuse. When you enter the doors of our program, you become a part of our family. We will give you the best care and support to achieve long-term, sustainable recovery from active addiction.

Discover your path to sustainable, long-term recovery at our drug & alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills.

Access Luxury Addiction Treatment for Women

Ohana Recovery Center offers custom-made treatment plans to each client for a truly individualized experience in addiction treatment. Learn more about our drug & alcohol treatment center and how we can help.

What is Addiction Treatment? And How Does it Work?

Addiction can be categorized as a chronic, relapsing disease defined by a psychological or physical dependence to a harmful substance or behavior. Addiction can take on many forms – a person can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, prescription medication, etc. Fortunately, addiction is curable and, for the most part, the damage to the brain can be reversed through treatment and rehabilitation.

The type of treatment and the time it takes to treat an addiction varies depending on how long the addiction has been occurring as well as the substance that a person might be addicted to. Prolonged substance abuse can result in a dangerous cycle where a person repeatedly relapses to avoid withdrawal symptoms or due lack of control. Addictions can be behavioral, and a person can be easily influenced to partake in substance abuse based on their upbringing, their environment, and the people they surround themselves with. The good news, however, is that the addiction cycle can be broken, and people can fully recover from their addictions as long as they put in the time and the effort to overcome their reliance on substances. 

The first step to getting treated for an addiction is to admit that there is a problem. If an addict is at the point where they want to get help, then they can successfully recover from their addiction at a drug and alcohol treatment center. If the treatment is being forced upon someone, it may not be as effective, but at the right treatment center there are professionals who can help clients see the light and have the urge to make necessary changes.

The goal of treatment is to form positive, life-long habits that replace a person’s need to abuse their substance of choice. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills, our staff of expert medical professionals is available for our clients 24 hours a day to ensure that they are getting the care they need to beat their addictions. Ohana Recovery is a drug treatment center in Agoura Hills, California that focuses on each individual client, so they make a life-long, meaningful recovery from their addictions. 

Ohana Recovery Center is a full-service drug & alcohol addiction treatment center that offers personalized care for each person who chooses to recover at our facilities. After an addict admits that they have a problem, the next step is to evaluate the individual person and start the detoxification process. 

Detoxification is when a person stops taking the substance that they’ve been addicted to so we can rid the body of the toxins that have been building up over time. Undergoing a drug or alcohol detox is the essential first step to recovery. Once a person stops taking the substance they’ve been addicted to, the body starts its battle with recovery. The process of detoxification is when the body rids itself of the toxins that have been causing detrimental problems to a person’s body and brain. Medical detoxification requires full-time supervision by medical professionals.

Medical supervision will help to manage a person’s medical and emotional needs throughout the detox process. Not only is the body ridding itself of built-up toxins, but a person is also going to experience varying levels of withdrawal symptoms that range from unpleasant to potentially life-threatening, and this requires 24-hour medical attention. Some examples of withdrawal symptoms include shaking, sweating, tremors, disorientation, anxiety, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and seizures. Without supervision, a person may try to manage these symptoms on their own and just end up relapsing to rid themselves of the pain. With supervision, medical experts can help to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms by providing medication or other forms of care. At Ohana Recovery Center, our staff wants each client to feel that they are completely taken care of, 24/7. 

After the detox process, clients will enter the portion of rehabilitation that includes therapy and various treatment programs that we personalize for each person based on their individual needs. Some therapies that we offer at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Agoura Hills include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), group therapy, individual therapy, and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, exercise, and various other calming activities. Undergoing therapy to treat addiction is important because it allows a person to focus on their addictive behaviors and overcome some of the bad habits that they’ve developed over time. Each person’s experience with addiction is different, therefore each person will have different needs when it comes to treating their addiction. Some people respond best to individual therapies, where we break down past behaviors and circumstances and understand the root of the addiction, whereas other people respond best to group therapies or 12-step programs that allow for them to relate to other people’s circumstances to better understand their own addiction. 



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