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We are an Australian based, equities broker that offers you diversity through international shares.

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Monex Securities Australia, an international share trading platform, aims to break down the barriers to investing in international shares, making it inexpensive and simple for Australian investors to offshore stock markets.

We solve the big problem of exorbitant brokerage rates previously charged to Australian investors wanting to trade international share markets

There is little doubt that high brokerage rates have contributed to Australian investors being among the least globally diversified in the world. We aim to break down the barriers to investing in international shares, making it inexpensive and simple for Australian investors to offshore stock markets.

All in the family – Monex, Inc. is the third largest broker in Japan. BOOM was the first online broker in Asia and remains a key player in Hong Kong while TradeStation is one of the largest brokers in the US. Tapping into the vast abilities and synergies of our group of companies allows us to provide you with a new and better trading product and overall experience.

Why Do We Exist

In recent years, we have noticed a serious gap in the services available to Australian investors. While Australia is a country of keen investors, the historic expensive and difficulty of trading international stock markets has meant that they are trading predominantly in Australian shares only are missing out on significant global opportunities.

We believe that investors should not have all their eggs in one basket. It is too risky. The Australian market accounts for less than 3% of global market capitalisation. Unfortunately, Home Country Bias is a well documented problem and Australians suffer this infliction to a greater extent than most other nationalities. Diversification is the best free-lunch on offer in the markets and we want to help investors take advantage of this phenomenon on an international scale so that they have a sustainable future as traders, investors, and clients.

We have therefore invested the time and effort to re-invent our business from the ground up so that we can deliver a product and service that is not only something that traders need, but something that they want – easy access to international share trading at a very reasonable cost per trade.

Who are our clients?

Our clients requiring global access to shares at a low cost include:

 Existing & Professional Traders

 Institutional Partners - Asset Managers & Brokers


How Do We Do It?

By leveraging the accumulated strengths of our global network of companies - Monex, Inc. (Japan), TradeStation Securities (USA) and Monex BOOM (Hong Kong), we are able to access very low execution costs and a bespoke back-end system that reduces costs and allows us to pass the savings along to you.

We created Monex Australia to fill a gap in the market that clearly needed to be filled. We give you access to a world of more than 50,000 shares and listed securities that are otherwise hard to reach from a single, fair price trading platform.

Why trade in international share markets with Monex?

When you do international share trading with Monex, you get all this and much more...

Stock Trading

We give access to exchange listed securities in 12 international stock trading markets across Asia and the United States, which covers around 70% of world market value.


You can trade a wide range of international share trading markets at a low cost.

Order Types

We provide a collection of powerful online trading order types to fit your trading strategy. Simply pre-set your orders and let our system do the work for you.

Integrated Account

Manage your investments across markets under one account number.

Account Updates

Instant online updates for order status, portfolio holdings and funds available.

Web Access

Simply place all instructions over an Internet browser. No need to download any software or apps.


Watchlist is a perfect tool to help you keep a close eye on your investments in international share markets. Add stocks from 12 international stock markets into one watchlist.  


Contact us to discuss the ways in which we can help you and your clients access international share markets at a fair price.


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