Mint Pest Control

We are a pest control service working out of Indianapolis, Indiana and we\'re ready to help you take your home back from unwanted pests. If left unattended pests can damage your home, spread disease, and pose a variety .

Pest Control in Indianapolis - For the metro areas of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky, Mint Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest control options. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining the beauty and security of your home and family. Please browse our collection of typical pests that frequently infest people's homes and property. Find out more about these bothersome insects. But if you don't have the time, don't worry; we've studied these pests for many years and know the best ways to get rid of them without causing any damage. Once a season, our pest control in Indianapolis service specialists build a fortified wall using our cutting-edge EcoBloc Technology, preventing and eradicating pest infestation all year. Additionally, we use a variety of UV and water-resistant treatments that are effective and environmentally friendly, such as micro-encapsulated formulae that kill pests and provide long-lasting security.


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