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VIP Cleaning Services has been providing mattress cleaning services in Melbourne for over two decades now.

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Need Mattress Cleaning Services? Look no further than VIP Cleaning services. Our trainers are trained to perform the cleaning process on your mattress. We sanitize and deodorize your mattress to eliminate the odors completely. We are available for both domestic as well as commercial sectors. We use the best solutions to make your mattress look clean and fresh.

Mattress cleaning Melbourne. Clean up your mattress with our highly effective mattress steam cleaning services. We remove dust mite, mould, bugs, bacteria, urine and blood stains from your bed. Our cleaners use steam extraction mattress cleaning method. Get anti allergic mattress treatment services!

  1. Clean Mattress is a Key to Healthy Sleep
  2. We Steam Clean all Kinds of Mattress
  3. Fully Qualified & Experienced Mattress Cleaners
  4. Urine Smell & Spot Removal Services
  5. Anti Allergic Mattress Cleaning & Treatment
  6. Emergency Vomit Cleanup from your bed
  7. Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Chemicals

Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne

We steam clean your bed ready for an allergy free nights sleep on your clean Mattresses. FREE quotes Mattress Sanitisation ! You spend 8 hours a day sleeping that means you splurge almost 1/3 of your lifetime being in your bed. Now, should not a place where you live for one third of your life be utterly clean and absolutely hygienic? We at VIP Mattress Cleaning work to give you a healthier today and healthier tomorrow by making your mattresses healthy, sterile, pristine, and unquestionably allergen-free. Getting your mattresses cleaned by city’s expert professionals at a very low cost is not unimaginable anymore. VIP Cleaners make it easy for all residents of Melbourne to get their mattresses clean in no time at all.Give us a call!

Top Notch Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Every mattress, no matter how expensive it is, gets dirty with due course of time. These dirty
mattresses, with time, start harboring bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. To
keep the mattresses free from dirt, it is necessary to clean them periodically.
VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne is a leading mattress cleaning company in Melbourne. With
decades of mattress cleaning experience in Melbourne, we are known to provide best mattress
cleaning services.

We guarantee:

  1. Fully certified and local mattress cleaners of Melbourne
  2. Eco-friendly and organic products
  3. High end equipment and specialized products
  4. Effective stain and spot treatment
  5. Best prices
  6. Odor treatment
  7. Urine, and general straining removal
  8. Anti-bedbug treatment

Clean Mattress is a Key to Healthy Sleep

A clean mattress is the easiest way to get a sound sleep after a whole day of tiredness. Good
sleep keeps you fresh and cheerful all through the day.

Although mattresses come equipped with a protective coating known as the bed linen, sometimes
these get torn and in such cases, you have to call the pros for effective cleaning.
Mattress cleaning is a very exhausting job. But VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne will help you
in effective cleaning. Just sit back and give us a call for effective mattress cleaning Melbourne
There are several advantages of hiring VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. Here are some of them:

  1. You don’t have to transport the heavy mattress anywhere. We will clean them for you at
    your home.
  2. No need for transportation. Thus, your mattresses do not damage in-transit.
  3. You get a chance to personally observe the whole cleaning procedure and the solutions that we are using on it.

Our Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne

VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne offers mattress deep steam cleaning and sanitation and covers
almost all the suburbs of the Melbourne. Further, all the services delivered by us are guaranteed
and we ensure complete elimination of smells, stains, bed bugs and other microorganisms from
the mattress. The services that we offer are:

  • Single mattress cleaning both sides.
  • Double Mattress cleaning both sides.
  • King -size mattress cleaning.
  • Super King size mattress cleaning.
  • Queen Size mattress cleaning.
  • Dry Mattress Cleaning.
  • Steam Mattress Cleaning.
  • Mattress Stain Removal.
  • Mattress Deodorizing.
  • Dust mites from the mattress.

What We Clean

We clean all mattresses and are an expert in:

  1. Mattress sanitizing
  2. Fungi removal
  3. Urine removal from the mattress
  4. Stain removal
  5. Dust mite and bed bug removal
  6. Mattress anti-allergen cleaning
  7. Mold removal

Step By step Mattress Cleaning Melbourne Process

The cleaners at VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne not only believe in the total cleanliness of the

surroundings but also of the interior of the houses. The process adopted by the professionals is as follows:

  1. The experts start the process by inspecting the whole mattress. They look how old the mattress is. They also observe spots and stains and how stringent they are to remove. The most common stains that are found on the mattress are those of urine, blood, and moldand mildew growth.
  2. Next, with a strong vacuum cleaner, we vacuum all the superficial dirt. This makes the mattress ready for the next step.
  3. Moreover, we apply a special cleaning agent that suits the mattress fabric. The cleaning agent is let to sit on the fabric of the mattress for 10-15 minutes. This helps in proper wetting of the fabric and also dissolves the stringent dust on it.
  4. Then, with the steam cleaning process, the whole cleaning agent along with the dissolved dirt is infiltrated. Further, the steam machine sucks all the contamination in a single time.
  5. Then is the drying procedure, we use special fans to dry the mattress.
  6. Our work is not over here. Also, we pay special attention to tough stains, for such stains our experts apply special cleaning solutions.
  7. Additionally, we also treat the odors and smells. For their removal, we treat the mattress with special deodorizers.
  8. Lastly, the experts do a final inspection of the mattress for any spots and stains or odors.

Here is Why You Should Choose VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne?

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne has been operating in the city for many years. The experts of our company take pride in their work and have a number of regular customers – both home and the business owners. VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne will provide a team of experts that is specialized in the mattress cleaning task.

  1. Our team members are fully skilled and are equipped with advanced cleaning tools and machines.
  2. We use expert cleaning solutions that make your mattresses look fresh and new as before.
  3. Additionally, we also offer eco-friendly mattress cleaning solutions. We use 100% licensed and non-toxic cleaning products.
  4. Further, we are fully vetted and insured, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your house while the cleaners are doing their job alone in the house.
  5. Moreover, we are available in both the sectors domestic as well as commercial. Also, we undertake estate agencies, business owners, landlords, tenants, and
  6. Further, our services are available 24×7 hours of the day, whenever you call us our friendly customer service will assist in providing a solution to any of your problem.
  7. Additionally, we also provide several offers as well as discounts if you book more than one service.

Call VIP Mattress Cleaning Services Melbourne Today

Booking a service with us is hassle free and very easy. We are available on phone and internet. Further, you can make a call or drop an e-mail to book an appointment at your convenient time.
We deliver mattress cleaning solutions in flexible booking slots. Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mattresses even if you are very busy, with our flexible booking service you can easily take the advantage of our professionalism and cleaning experience. With the same service, you can also obtain a free quote that has all the prices of the
services mentioned in it. So what are you thinking? Call and book Mattresses Cleaning Services now!

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Some people are of the opinion that mattresses do not need to be cleaned regularly by professionals because they keep them clean on their own. However, one should understand that using homely methods it is not possible to clean your mattresses properly. You cannot get rid of the dirt, dust mites, and other pollutants that breed deep inside your mattresses. These pollutants can cause allergies and other serious health hazards. Why not avoid all such unwanted situations and instead just get your mattresses steam cleaned? We are right here to serve you with affordable mattress steam cleaning and mattress dry cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring VIP Mattress Cleaners

VIP mattress cleaning comes with diverse benefits and you can profit yourself from all of them by giving us a call. Our customer executives will take you through the entire process and will explain all the benefits. Here we mention some of the benefits of mattress cleaning from VIP Cleaners, apart from significant health benefits:


Mattress Bug Removal Melbourne

  1. VIP cleaners are trained to kill and control dust mites in your mattresses. We also remove any excreta of these mites that could lead to further health issues.
  2. Our cleaners have the skills to perform stain removal from mattresses. So you can stop worrying about those bad stains if you use our mattress cleaning services.
  3. VIP mattress cleaning is helpful to people who suffer from allergies, bronchitis, asthma, and itchy skin. An unclean and dirty mattress could be the reason and once they get cleaned, you get improved air quality in your room.
  4. VIP mattress experts know the importance of sanitization and that is why this is one of the essential components of our cleaning methods. We sanitize and deodorize your mattresses to eliminate odors completely.
  5. Getting your mattresses cleaned by VIP cleaners allows you to have peace of mind, sleep well and wake up every day well rested.

All these benefits could be well in your goal with a simple step: give us a call and we will arrange for premium onsite mattress cleaning at your doorstep!

You can call or drop an email to book an appointment with us.



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