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The motto is by providing the dynamic docking positioning for marine vessels is protects dock with the proper convenience.

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Introducing as a safe world leader, the MAiD system is famous for the boat dock system that can help to remove the stress or anxiety while docking, and if you don’t have any operator skill, still you can dock your boat. The immense innovation in the area of the marine dock systems, by providing the complete automatic boat docking system, in the position without being affected by other things such as the flow of the water, the wind. By providing the dynamic docking positioning for marine vessels, we are trying to decrease the ratio of the marine accidents.

All MAiD components are integrated within the vessel with no requirement for any external equipment on the dock giving the MAiD System the versatility to operate with precision at any dock, in any marina, anywhere in the world.


  • Slip/Pen Docking Mode
  • Reverse Docking Mode
  • Side Docking Mode
  • Dock Departure Mode
  • Vessel to Vessel Positioning Mode
  • Buoy Positioning Mode
  • Accident Avoidance Mode


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