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Lifetime HOA Management

Lifetime HOA Management is dedicated to serving Homeowners in the San Antonio Area. Living in an HOA should be enjoyable. Lifetime HOA Management has developed a way to give back to the HOAВ’s that we serve.

<p><strong>Lifetime HOA Management</strong></p> <p>Our structure is unique. Our services include: Pay Bill, Compliance, Pool/Gate Access and Improvements.</p> <p>HOA stands for homeowners association. These are organizations formed within a planned community, subdivision, or condominium. HOAs manage the day-to-day operations of a community, ratify and enforce rules for residents and properties, and have the general goal of maintaining property values.</p> <p>An HOA consists of members of the community. From this community, volunteer members for positions on the HOA board of directors. This HOA board is responsible for all the operations, including financial management, collection, vendor coordination and payment, insurance, maintenance, and more.</p> <p><strong>HOA management</strong>, on the other hand, refers to the governance and handling of a homeowners association. It&rsquo;s something the HOA board does on a daily basis. However, many HOA boards have difficulty keeping up with the demands of managing a community. Since most boards consist of volunteers, they often lack the time to accomplish all the tasks involved in managing an HOA.</p> <p>This is where an HOA management company comes in.</p> <p>WHAT DO HOA MANAGEMENT COMPANIES DO?</p> <p>An HOA management company provides various services to homeowners associations. These companies oversee the operations of an HOA and supervise the maintenance of amenities and common areas. Basically, a homeowners association management company exists to make the lives of HOA board members easier by helping fulfill their duties and responsibilities.</p> <p>More specifically, these companies execute the following duties:</p> <ul> <li>Attend and facilitate board meetings</li> <li>Create meeting agendas</li> <li>Send meeting notices</li> <li>Take minutes of the meeting</li> <li>Provide advice to board members</li> <li>Solicit bids from vendors</li> <li>Inspect the community regularly</li> <li>Track maintenance or service requests</li> <li>Oversee maintenance and repairs</li> <li>Organize community events and functions</li> <li>Collect dues and assessments</li> <li>Manage payables</li> <li>Send invoices</li> <li>Manage insurance</li> <li>Provide assistance with escrow</li> <li>Prepare monthly financial statements and other reports</li> <li>Provide legal advice</li> </ul> <p>These companies have years of experience and a diverse set of experts at their disposal. Therefore, they&rsquo;re fully equipped to handle the various tasks associated with an HOA, whether that means collecting dues or planning the annual budget.</p> <p>In addition,&nbsp;The role of the homeowner&#39;s association in your particular community depends on the powers that the covenants, codes and restrictions give it. Generally, the HOA will oversee the maintenance of the common areas of the property and will provide for shared services. It&#39;s also responsible for collecting your dues, using them to pay the bills and administering the reserve fund, which saves money for major expenses. HOAs also enforce the community&#39;s rules and mediate disputes between community members.</p>


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