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Learn about the ITCA International Driving Permit (License). The application process, eligibility, processing time and fees, and delivery. Click here to apply for international driving permit online now!!

ITCA was founded For you...

"You are running from stress, going on a vacation with the family, far from any potential problem. We hope a pleasant one for you, that's why we invented the Professional ITCA IDD..."


Take a drive anywhere in the world!

International Driving / Driver's License = International Driving Permit

Cost? - How long it takes? - What are the requirements documents?

ITCA International Driving Document is the most trustable, experienced and acceptable at the global level, it is the best translation in full accordance with the only authenticity of the UN Convention 1968 on Road traffic regulations, that, along with your national driver's license enable you to break the language barriers to rent and/or drive a car in any country all over the world. 
ITCA's International Driving Document is well-known for international car rental companies.

Acceptable in most countries all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, India, Russia, Italy, South Africa, Australia, United Arab Emirate, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Lithuania require what so-called international driving license also named International Driving Permit IDP or translation of national/domestic driver's licenses. ITCA International Driving Document provides a translation of your national driver's license into 15 languages.


Please be aware


The application process is fast and self-guiding. All you need is a copy of your national driver's license, and a headshot photo. 


 Once your application is received, ITCA review team will conduct an initial review within 12 - 24 hours. 


 If the application is eligible, you will receive an email of the approval along with shipping information.


ITCA international driving document is a plastic magnetic ID card supported with barcodes and the domestic driving license QR code information & the booklet that translates your government-issued driver’s license into 15 main languages. Although your driver’s license lets you drive in many foreign countries, the translations in the IDD are intended to minimize language barriers when you drive in countries where your driver's license language is not widely spoken or understood. That’s all an IDD does. It’s not a substitute for a valid, government-issued license. It can’t be used in place of a suspended or revoked license or as a government-issued identification card. And it won’t protect you from traffic tickets or “points.”

Main Elements:

GRN: is a unique global reference number that can be used to authenticate the validity of ITCA issued IDD;

Validity: Valid Until: is your IDD expiry date;

See more to learn about how to apply for the international driver's document or what is so-called IDD.


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