I am a Wardrobe Consultant in the Denver Metro area.| Croozi

I am a Wardrobe Consultant in the Denver Metro area.

White Shoe Consulting specializes in Wardrobe Consulting, Career Development, and Life-Coaching. Together, this package of skills will take you to the next level, help you achieve, and make you a more confident .

<p>I have always been in love with fashion. I love how confident people look and feel when they are in an outfit that they love. I have worked professionally for J.Crew as a personal stylist and have encountered countless men and women who want to feel confident and who have a strong desire to put their best selves forward, but ultimately feel that they don&rsquo;t know how to achieve this. I created <a href=\"http://whiteshoeconsulting.com\"><strong>White Shoe Consulting</strong></a> to empower these individuals to find their confident selves and put their best foot forward each and every day. Although I specialize heavily in wardrobe consulting, I also provide career development and life-coaching services. Please reach out with any questions and together, we can tailor your specific plan and get you feeling your most confident!</p> <p><strong>Wardrobe Audit</strong><br /> To better understand how I can help you and your individual &ldquo;style&rdquo;, I perform a wardrobe audit. During this process I personally visit your home and both you and I will comb through the items in your closet. This &ldquo;audit&rdquo; can be as intensive as you would like, but I always find the more detailed we get the, the easier it is to get a sense of how I can help. The purpose of this exercise is to give me a better understanding of your current style, what fits and what does not. By the end of this exercise, I</p> <p><strong>Shopping Trip</strong><br /> I find it beneficial to take all of my clients on a <a href=\"https://whiteshoeconsulting.com/services/\"><strong>personal shopping</strong></a> trip. The goal of this trip is not to buy anything but to try new stores, and new styles, while also having a ton of fun! This also allows me to observe your shopping habits and provide any useful feedback that I can. Many of my clients tell me that they are scared to go shopping, dislike it, or feel like they don&rsquo;t know exactly what they are doing.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Personal Shopping</strong><br /> What is personal shopping? Well, that can be hard to define, but let me try! I help you find, purchase, and bring you the right clothes and outfits, styling them in a way that will bring out the most confident &ldquo;you&rdquo;. There are several reasons why my clients request personal shopping. The first has to do with time - some of my clients do not have the time to go to into the store, hunt down the items you want, and then return the items that don&rsquo;t fit or work out.</p> <p><strong>Savvy Shopping</strong><br /> Do you like shopping but live on a budget? Have you ever purchased an amazing piece of clothing only to have it go on sale the following week? I know I definitely fit this criterion as do many of my clients! Being price conscious when shopping is extremely important but oftentimes hard to do&mdash;especially when you find that shirt you have had your mind on forever!&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Virtual Consulting</strong><br /> Is the Denver metro area too far away for you? Does your location prevent you from meeting with me in person? Do you have limitations beyond your control? This is not a problem for me at all! 100% of the services I offer can be tailored and adjusted to meet the needs of the client and can even be done virtually (think Facetime, Skype, etc&hellip;)!&nbsp;</p>


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