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Hair Centre International is the hair treatment Centre in Melbourne, independent, affordable and trusted in hair loss treatment.

More Detail

Hair Centre International have over 25 years of experience, we are highly trusted in providing best private treatment of our client’s experiencing hair loss.

Personal Service

We are a specialised hair loss studio, highly experienced in one-on-one treatment for hair loss. Our clients have grown loyal to us, because they trust us. Also because we are affordable, and easily located. In every appointment, we listen to you and provide the hair loss service best suited to your needs.

We are now the main alternative to the 2 ‘big names’ in our industry. We are proud to approach hair loss problems differently.

The 2 ‘big names’ in our industry are infamous for over hyping people’s expectations and their high pressure sales tactics, and over-charging. Most move on. Ask us, about honouring their warranties. In most cases, we will happily takeover these responsibilities ‘free of charge’.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Treatment

Hair Loss (Alopecia) is a serious medical condition effecting men and women. With our medical & pharmaceutical partners we approach your hair loss condition as a medical condition, requiring immediate treatment and priority. By phone or video conference, our medical & pharmacy partners will help us, to provide you with the best treatment suited to your condition and hair loss.

Latest Technology

Our low-level laser technology is the latest technology from the USA, demonstrating another evidence based solution to help regrow your hair.

Single Contact

At every stage, your single contact point will help you, guide, encourage & simplify your hair loss treatment.

Start Today

Let us help you in that journey to happiness and an enduring solution to your appearance, health and confidence.

Great hair doesn’t just happen

Remember when European hair really came from Europe? When clients didn’t have to replace their fading hair every few weeks? When you had time to concentrate on the styling and not on the problems? When clients left happy, not frustrated. Well, the good times are coming back!

For the last 25 years, Hair Centre International has been quietly building an inventory of top quality Russian hair. In fact, it’s the biggest stock of Russian hair anywhere in the world today. Originally reserved for Hair Centre International own customers, the company has now decided to release part of its huge inventory to create a premium collection for high-end clients who demand…and can afford…the best.

Why Russian hair is best

The best way to match your client’s own hair is with premium European hair that has not been exposed to harsh chemicals. And the best remy hair today comes from Russia. It’s the best match for the average American or European client. It has the right thickness (denier). It does not require harsh chemicals to change its colour, and it comes with its protective cuticle intact. In other words, it’s the closest thing you can get to your client’s own living, growing hair.

Best hair needs best designs

Wayne Walker has been researching and designing hair systems for over thirty years . He has worked as a technical advisor and designer for the major manufacturer in the industry. He is the expert the experts themselves turn to when they want a professional opinion. He also owns and runs a hair replacement centre with over a hundred clients passing through his doors every day. So he knows a thing or two about customer needs. Wayne has put all of his art and accumulated knowledge into the Russia Collection. Anyone who’s met Wayne knows he doesn’t do things by half measures. If any of you haven’t had that privilege, talk to someone who has.

Best pricing

Hair systems from The Russia Collection do not have to be replaced every one or two months. In Beta testing, many permanent-wear clients kept the same hair system for over six months. Some even longer. So while it may cost more to get started, they can actually save money over twelve months. That means fewer templates, fewer orders forms, less time for cut-ins, fewer surprises… the list goes on and on.

A happy client is the best client

The Russia Collection takes you back to the good old days when hair was great and stayed great. Your clients will notice their hair looks and feels better. And you’ll spend more time styling and less time fixing. That’s good for your clients, your staff… and your bottom line!


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