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Video is one of the most powerful and efficient mediums for sharing your story, like a magical sword or a super star power-up. Whether that story is about your company’s brand, a charitable cause, or getting the word out

Video is a magical sword. It's a super star power-up. And it's one of the most powerful and efficient mediums for sharing your story. Tucked away in the small, midwestern town of Springfield, Missouri, Double Jump Media knows what it's like to start as the little guy in a sea of bigger city fish. But we don't see that as an obstacle—we believe that anyone can use video to tell their story and connect with customers. From start to finish, we guide you through every step of the video ad production process. This includes scriptwriting, producing, casting, location scouting, production design, video strategy, and final delivery. For those needing ongoing video content for your business or brand, retainer services are available. We guide you through a custom video strategy that helps you achieve your goals and maximize your ROI. Whether it's a full video production or you just need a script written by our writers who will work with you to deliver the right tone and vibe—our Production Designers oversee the overall look and feel of the video including prop creation, and staging of the set and consulting on costumes. Whether it's creating a social media commercial or launching a new product line—we've got your back!


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