Courage To Nourish

Courage to Nourish is a locally owned company based in Maryland. You can visit our two offices in Columbia and College Park for in-person appointments. If you\'re based too far and looking for an eating disorder dietitian

We, at Courage to Nourish, provide assistance to individuals in recovering from eating disorders through a team of experienced dietitians and nutritionists. The founder of Courage to Nourish Alex Raymond and Bobbi Boteler are certified eating disorder dietitians having over 20 years of experience in the field. We believe in setting our clients free from food and body image struggles. We provide our clients with tailored services to reinstate them from an eating disorder, or impairment from diet culture.

At Courage to Nourish, we create healthy relationships to catalyze a positive and long-lasting impact on eating disorder recovery. We provide our clients with individual nutrition counseling sessions specially designed to imbibe in them hope and trust and listen to their bodies. We practice food disorder recovery across Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

We assure high-quality consultation to our clients with utmost patience and care. We would love to assist you in your food journey. Join us!


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