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Coach Michael is a personal trainer in Zurich, Switzerland. Coach Michael provides online coaching programs to change both mind and body, and also packages to change your mind and body in 12 weeks – with the 12-week Fitness and Performance coaching – and also services include nutrition counseling. There are lots of possibilities for people who want to change their lives, increase their fitness level, performance and be better versions of themselves. Coach Michael has over ten years of expertise working in the fitness and nutrition fields in Zurich. His programs and training plans include nutrition and mindset/psychology too, that are molded according to each person's individual biomechanics and needs. The sessions are tailored to your current challenges and progress. During the sessions, you are taught to do the perfect movements to make the best of each exercise and get best results. You will regularly also have an analysis of your conditions such as body fat, muscle mass, and even hormone and blood values, to ensure everything is working properly and adjust your nutrition and training plan accordingly. Coach Michael Personal Training is not only about getting the absolute best results but creating healthy habits depending on your particular needs and the way your body works. The mindset is the most vital here, and if there's no change in your mind and the way you face this change of habits, there's no way you can get long-lasting results. This is why Coach Michael is dedicated to studying fitness training, nutrition, and also themes just like neurotyping and Theoretical Consciousness & Quantum Psychology. Being actually healthier and getting results goes way beyond just working out and eating better. During your fitness coaching process, you'll set your aims in a specific way so you can have a roadmap to reach them; you'll have personal training sessions – one-on-one training sessions in Zurich, Switzerland – to boost your fitness level, the execution of the movements and to optimize your mental performance; you'll have weekly check-ins to make sure you're moving forward on your fitness program training, and you'll also discover more about having a healthy lifestyle. The sessions happen online and offline, so you can book a free consultation now for more information about the programs and what would be the best option for you.


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