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Car detailing Richmond Hill holds the gold standard in car detailing. We take pride in every interior and exterior detailing of every vehicle that comes through our shop. Being car enthusiasts, our quality and care.

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<p><br /> Best 5 Star Car Detailing in Richmond Hill, Car Detailing Richmond Hill, provides ceramic coating and car detailing services. Our professional auto detailing services are tailored to your car&#39;s requirements and preferences. Our highly trained and passionate team offers excellence, appreciation, and respect for your automobile, we operate a First Class auto detailing and ceramic car coating services -&nbsp;ensuring maximum client satisfaction in everything we do for both new and recurring customers.</p> <p>Our interior detailing process takes our quality of work much further and deeper than your average car cleanup. Depending on the materials your interior consist of, we revitalize&nbsp;your cabin using different materials, solutions, and techniques. Our certified experts know that no 2 cars are the same and each individual car needs individual tailored care.&nbsp;With the always improving new technology that advances car detailing, we constantly educate ourselves on new products as well as carrying on tried and true techniques.<br /> Only using the best and safest products, we power vacuum and shampoo your carpets bringing showroom quality back into your vehicle. Vents, cracks, rails, leather treatment, steam cleaning, disinfecting?- we see it, were on it!</p> <ul> <li>Complete vacuum</li> <li>Complete Interior Cleaning</li> <li>Steam Cleaning / Disinfecting</li> <li>Floor, Carpet &amp; Seat Steaming / Shampooing</li> <li>Leather Cleaning / Conditioner</li> <li>Deodorizing</li> <li>Salt Stain / Deep Grime&nbsp;Removal</li> <li>Streak-free&nbsp;Windows &amp; Sunroofs</li> <li>Door Panels &amp; Jambs</li> <li>Dash &amp; Console</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;Protect your vehicle, extend the life of your vehicle&#39;s paint, and preserve the value of your car. Car detailing Richmond Hill is your headquarters for making your ride look and feel great. Every area of detailing is our specialty. At Auto Detailing in Richmond Hill, we are masters of the art of automotive waxing, buffing, and car polishing, clay bar, and ceramic coating. We offer a comprehensive exterior auto detailing package including headlight restoration and buff and wax. Exterior paint left unprotected speeds up the causes of premature rust and oxidation. Maintaining with hand buff and waxing is vital to the life of the exterior of your vehicle.</p> <p>packages and<br /> &nbsp;SERVICES</p> <p><strong>ELITE PACKAGE<br /> ​Package includes the following:</strong></p> <ul> <li>EXTERIOR HAND WASH</li> <li>EXTERIOR HAND DRY</li> <li>WHEELS CLEANED AND DRESSED WITH TIRE SHINE</li> <li>EXTERIOR WAX APPLIED</li> <li>GRIME AND BRAKE DUST REMOVED</li> <li>ALL DOOR JAMS CLEANED</li> <li>​EXTERIOR &amp; INTERIOR WINDOWS INCLUDING ROOF TOP GLASS CLEANED</li> <li>FLOOR MATS VACCUMED</li> <li>INTERIOR DASH, CONSOLE, AND TRIMS CLEANED</li> <li>INTERIOR DEODORIZER APPLIED&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p><br /> <strong>STEAM OR SHAMPOO PACKAGE<br /> Package INCLUDES the Elite package PLUS the following:</strong></p> <ul> <li>STEAM CLEAN OF EXTERIOR</li> <li>CARPET STEAM WASHED OR SHAMPOO CLEANED</li> <li>ALL INTERI0R SEATS STEAM WASHED OR SHAMPOO CLEANED</li> <li>TRUNK AREA STEAM WASHED OR SHAMPOO CLEANED</li> <li>INTERIOR SHINE APPLIED</li> </ul> <p><br /> <strong>PLATINUM PACKAGE<br /> Package INCLUDES the Elite package PLUS the following:</strong></p> <ul> <li>CHOICE OF STEAM OR SHAMPOO CLEANING OF BOTH INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR</li> <li>ONE STAGE OF EXTERIOR PAINT BUFF &amp; POLISH</li> <li>HEADLIGHTS POLISHED</li> <li>ENGINE BAY CLEANED AND SHINED</li> <li>LEATHER TREATMENT</li> <li>LEATHER CONDITIONING</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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