At 1mgstore, we provide a different range of high-quality health and wellness items. We sell online generic pharmaceuticals, supplements, personal care items, and much more.

1mgstore.com Overview, Key Principles, and Offers Save up to 70% on pharmaceuticals now! Your local pharmacist isn't an option but a necessity, but with 1mgstore this will not be the case anymore. Our rates might seem too good to be true - that's because they are. Now when it comes time for prescriptions: go ahead and say no thanks to those long hours at the doctor's office and traffic jams. For those who live in America or anywhere else for that matter - we've made prescriptions available for you too - conveniently shipped right to your door - still inexpensive though. A Short History of Our Company When we first opened up our store back in the 2000s, one thing was absolutely clear. E-commerce would be dominating retail - so we took a risk and opened up an international online drugstore. Now here we are, decades later - achieving what many thought impossible and acquiring loyal customers internationally - all because of some small risks taken years ago. Get Products for Every Health Problem in One Place A consumer has to move from one website to another looking for a handful of prescribed medicines. Doing this can be frustrating. Thankfully, at D2B, you can just forget about this and order. At D2B you will find the medications and products for healthcare easily and our catalog has a wide variety for your needs and is of the best quality. These are the following categories of items that we provide: medicines for acute and severe conditions and diseases; products for medicating various problems, like hair loss, excessive weight, or smoking; asthma treatment medical devices like inhalers; products for pregnant women and kids; personal hygiene products.


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