Walk In Clinic of NYC

Walk in Clinic of New York City is a well-known medical clinic. Affordable same-day appointments are available to our clients from our team of specialists.

Walk In Clinic of NYC provides same day appointments for illnesses that are not serious enough to require treatment in the emergency room. Walk In Medical Clinic of NYC offers prompt, affordable, same-day appointments at our convenient midtown Manhattan urgent care medical office. Same day appointments prevent long waiting times associated with emergency room visits for illnesses that require prompt medical attention but are not life threatening. We provide many services including prescription and medication refills for travellers and patients unable to reach their primary care physicians. Walk in doctors at our location in Chelsea, New York City, are committed to providing comprehensive care to each patient. Our walk in medical clinic in NYC provides convenient, fast care for injuries and illnesses that are serious but not life-threatening. Open 365 days a year, our walk in clinic has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors in Chelsea, New York City. Our physician’s assistants and physicians can effectively treat your entire family with personalized quality care. Same day care can be accessed by patients with urgent medical requirements during regular working hours. One of our clinical staff members is always on duty to assess the health problems of each patient. Acute problems demand urgency and we take care to ensure the patients get fast and quality attention. If required, our physicians can also refer the patients to an emergency room or an urgent care center.


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