IBI Global Research Solutions

Our online research panel wing is dedicatedly working for our clients, to provide them the right sample for various geographical locations. IBI is your one-stop solution for conducting world-class market research activit

Panels are the edge phenomenon in the market research industry. They fill the gap between a population that is reluctant to cooperate with telephone surveys and the organizations that need to know their perceptions and attitudes more than ever before.

At IBI, we take pride in offering innovative research and strategy services, with a unique and more realistic approach to survey programming. The sole driving idea at IBI is to offer insights that thrive your business towards path-breaking innovation and growth with every survey. There is a very thin line of difference between companies that stand out amidst the competition and companies that almost get there.

With the continuous evolution of the internet era and the rapid increase in internet penetration in all markets, desk research is here to stay and grow in the market research industry.

Desk research lays the foundation for market research, where funds are severely limited and/or there is a quick need to gather data.


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