The Law Firm of Shawn Murray

Shawn Murray is your Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Southeastern Louisiana. Sustaining a serious work accident with resulting injuries can be devastating, both to the injured worker and to their family. DON’T try to

Shawn Murray is a Louisiana Workers’ Comp Attorney who has been helping injured workers for over 23 years. Workers’ compensation claims are stressful and frustrating at best. At worst they can become a nightmare. They can drag on for months or even years. Employers and insurers will often make up reasons to deny the injured worker their medical treatment, prescriptions and lost wage benefits. And if they can find something to “hang their hat on”, they will allege fraud to try to defeat the claim entirely.Mr. Murray’s office is located in Mandeville, Louisiana just a block from the Causeway Bridge at 450 N. Causeway Boulevard, making it convenient for anyone on the north or south shore of Lake Pontchartrain.


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