RentalProPlus FREE Rental Property Software is one of the most robust lead-to-lease conversion FREE property management software on the market. It is a cutting-edge rental property management platform

RentalProPlus is a cutting-edge rental property management platform that provides a wide range of tools and services to simplify and automate the rental property management process. This innovative platform empowers landlords and property managers to manage every aspect of their rental properties easily and effortlessly. With RentalProPlus, landlords can enjoy a user-friendly online platform that simplifies their daily tasks and enhances their overall management efficiency.

Here are some outstanding services offered by RentalProPlus;

FREE Rental Listing Website

The FREE Rental listing Website is a highly automated and streamlined platform that offers a virtual leasing assistant to landlords, making it incredibly easy for them to find new tenants. This free platform integrates all other RentalProPlus products into one, offering a seamless process that starts with renters reviewing the rental property information on the dedicated rental listing website and ends with the tenant screening results delivered to the landlord's portal. 

It also offers a dedicated individual rental website for each property, making it easy for renters to find and apply for the property. Overall, the FREE Rental listing Website is a time and effort saver for landlords, making it an excellent tool for property management.

Instant Tenant Screening Reports

RentalProPlus offers Instant Tenant Screening Reports through TransUnion to assist landlords in finding the best prospective tenants. These reports provide a comprehensive view of prospective tenants, including credit-based ResidentScore, nationwide criminal history, eviction-related reports, income insights, and employment and landlord verifications.

The reports are soft-pulled, meaning they don't affect the tenant's credit score and are delivered quickly and accurately through RentalProPlus' partnership with TransUnion. Additionally, RentalProPlus ensures that the screening data is reliable and compliant with the Federal Communications Commission's Fair Credit Reporting Act, making the tenant screening process efficient and worry-free for landlords.

Rental Showing Scheduler

The Rental Showing Scheduler is a cloud-based rental showing scheduling software that automates the entire showing coordination process for landlords. With a user-friendly booking interface and centralized appointment management, this software drastically reduces the landlord's showing coordination workload by up to 90%.

The rental showing scheduler also includes renter pre-screening, follow-up on every showing, and automated SMS/call/email notifications and reminders, ensuring prospective tenants don't miss their showings. Additionally, calendar integrations make it easy for everyone attending the showing to synchronize their calendars with just a few clicks.

Overall, the Rental Showing Scheduler is a highly efficient tool that allows landlords to focus on other aspects of their rental business.

FREE Online Rental Application

The FREE Online Rental Application offered by RentalProPlus is a highly customizable and easy-to-use rental application software. It allows landlords to create their own customized rental application templates and receive online rental applications from potential renters without any paper needed. 

It also allows applicants to save entries, complete the rental application later, and upload necessary documents and photos. The rental application template is Fair Housing Act-compliant, and the entire process is managed through the centralized landlord portal. It provides great convenience to landlords and renters and is completely free.

FREE Rental Property Website

The FREE Rental Property Website feature of RentalProPlus is a cloud-based software that enables landlords and property managers to create their own rental property website with easy setup and input, advertise their rental properties, and engage prospective tenants without any fees.

It offers a versatile and customizable website builder with enhanced widgets and comprehensive built-in media viewers such as photo showcase, 360 virtual tour viewer, video tour viewer, and floor plan viewer to make the rental property listing more attractive. The mobile-responsive and easy-to-navigate platform makes it perfect for displaying on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


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