Gold Water Yachts

Gold Water Yachts LLC is the UAE’s premier destination for yacht charter and water sports. 45 full-featured yachts and water sports activities, unmatched in the region, to you. Delivering exceptional service and indivi

Seeking an extreme yet luxurious way to cruise in Dubai? Then you must go for Gold Water Yachts! You will savor the beautiful coastline of Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club like no other. And that’s not all! Indulge in the wide range of water sports activities available at Dubai Marina to spice up your trip. Jet car, Jet ski, fly board, you’ll always have a way to go wild!

Planning a yacht party or casual getaway with your loved ones? Gold Water yachts offer a wide range of Dubai yacht rentals to meet all your needs. 

Looking for a jet car to drive on the seas of Dubai? Well, Gold Water Yachts have found you the deal! Come and feel the freedom of driving on the water much better than on land.  Breathtaking views of Dubai Creek Golf Course and Dubai Marina await you. Rent our flagship “jet car” from Dubai’s leading yacht charter company today! 

Price: Renting a yacht can be too expensive, especially when you are planning a special event. Unlike our Luxury yacht rental company in Dubai that focuses on high quality at the right price. We work daily to come up with new offers so that you can enjoy your cruise in style, no matter what your budget.

Service: What makes our company special is that we understand you without having to say anything. You are the owner of the yacht with no need to invest an arm. You can then choose a wide range of additional services such as a jacuzzi, barbecue grill, music system, special food, drinks, decoration, professional DJ, VIP transportation…

Fun: Either you rent a yacht or watersports, you’re sure to spend a memorable cruise that will last a lifetime. Who says you can’t drift too? Let’s rock and roll together starting today!

Yacht Size: From a romantic couple’s getaway to a wedding ceremony with over 120 people, all in one atmosphere. With Gold water yachts, there is no small or big yacht, but only the best yacht for charter in Dubai!



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