patang - Digital logistics platform in India and Dubai

Our goal at Patang is to digitise the logistics sector. We give businesses the tools they need to manage trade and logistics in order to spur corporate expansion, cut expenses, and improve customer experiences.

Your supply chain's efficiency determines how well your delivery service performs. There are many difficulties faced by businesses who deliver items around the nation, including a scarcity of drivers. Fewer items are delivered and more money is spent on fuel and maintenance when logistics companies are forced to send out half-empty vehicles.

Every part of the cargo can be impacted by a single occurrence in the supply chain. Sales can be lost as a result of anything as simple as unforeseen truck repair. Investing in more people and vehicles is frequently the answer. Not all businesses, though, can afford that. 

PATANG gives drivers a clear, real-time perspective of the fleet while integrating modern sensors, IoT technologies, and third-party applications to help with planning, carrying out, and controlling the transportation and storage of commodities. The technology also offers actionable information between the place of origin and the destination to suit consumer needs like delivery tracking.

The Planning & Optimization makes the claim that it can assist businesses in scheduling trucks, monitoring their whereabouts, and managing freight flow. It also offers real-time vehicle tracking. Furthermore, it offers electronic proof of delivery to fend off theft and other problems while in transit. 

The Global Visibility Platform and Patang
Software for enabling global supply chain visibility offers a reliable framework for combining and integrating data from all supply chain sources. Businesses can take advantage of untapped opportunities by using visibility platforms to access the vast amounts of accurate, real-time data generated by all supply chain stakeholders. Instead of depending just on shipments scheduled through a TMS, visibility software covers the existing sections of your supply chain and fills in gaps and blind spots that other systems are unable to identify.

The movement of a specific shipment from point A to point B and the location of the truck, plane, or ship are only a small portion of what supply chain visibility ultimately entails. By integrating numerous data sources, the Patang supply chain visibility software aims to deliver transparency across every activity and transaction. 

A technology-driven platform called Patang Transport makes intra-city logistics digital. For the majority of intra-city supply chain firms that are powered by trucks or slower speeds, Patang provides technologies that address their difficulties.

Due to its capacity to react rapidly to the dynamics of the industry and its extensive geographic footprint, Patang Transport is quickly replacing other established players as the de-facto player for many different established enterprises. Innovations made possible by the Patang technical platform assist the trucking industry in addressing inefficiencies, resolving real-world issues, and lowering transportation costs. 

It has become crucial to maintain a tight relationship with clients and to interact with them in practical, automated ways. The Patang team is continually developing ground-breaking products that have the potential to unite the global logistics community. By developing more customer-connected applications and implementing end-to-end automated procedures, they are concentrating on digitising the logistics sector and reducing operational costs for all stakeholders.

Offer your customers digital solutions by connecting your company to their global end-to-end supply chain platforms. With its cutting-edge solutions for the freight forwarding, NVOCC, and feeder industries, Patang's digital platform offers best-in-class customer experiences.

What are you still holding out for? Get in touch with them right away to prepare for quick and simple hassle-free delivery. Patang assists its clients in taking by enabling them to use their next-generation platforms to digitise transactions, streamline operations, and boost profit margins.


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