Transportation for the Elderly

Healthcare providers can rely on our healthcare-focused Medical Transportation Service to provide better and more timely care, scheduling, routing, billing, improving patient outcomes our staff ensure that medical provid

Healthcare Facility Transportation Services

Safr Care’s one-stop transportation service platform makes patient discharge more efficient and reduces no-shows.

Transportation for the Elderly

Senior adults may have difficulty accessing social contacts, healthcare providers, grocery stores, community resources, and recreational activities. With our comprehensive transportation service platform, the elderly can improve their quality of life and reclaim their independence.

Wheelchair Transportation

With our robust network of wheelchair transportation providers, Safr Care connects patients facing all kinds of mobility challenges with transportation experts who are equipped with appropriate, accessible vehicles.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Safr Care’s extensive Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) network allows for superior service to patients as well as healthcare facilities. Utilizing the Safr Care platform results in improved overall wellness, by ensuring that patients can attend ongoing medical care appointments in a safe and timely manner.

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Insurance Eligibility Coverage

Safr Care’s platform is connected with more than 4500 payors to easily verify insurance coverage. Patients can check if their insurance offers coverage for non-emergency medical transportation services through Safr’s rider app, available on both Android and IOS stores.



Credit Card Payments

Self-paying patients can easily manage requests for transportation to medical appointments through our secure payment gateway, making requesting non-emergency medical rides more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.


“We save lives by using Safr Care medi transport service (NEMT) software. Before Safr Care, we were using Excel spreadsheets to manually dispatch NEMT rides. Our drivers were carrying sign-off sheets to prove that the patient was transported. Moreover, our drivers were logging their work time on old-fashioned timesheets. Now that we use Safr Care, our drivers are getting the ultimate experience and can focus everything on the patient. Our drivers are so happy because taking care of a patient in need of healthcare is the rewarding part of the job. Also, with Safr Care, we’ve been able to greatly reduce human error, as the software enhances the reliability of our data. The Safr Care workforce makes us feel like family. Safr Care understands our environment and shares in the goal of improving health for patients across every community.”
Mike S.

EZ Billing Software

Safr Care takes care of insurance eligibility checks, pre-authorization, and billing. Safr Care manages complex transactions with payors and streamlines future transactions by securely storing payment information.  The billing system provides turn-key service, increasing the time TP’s can spend growing their business.



Broker Integration & Batch Uploads

Safr Care is compatible with most leading industry brokers, allowing for easy integration with transportation providers existing workflows. Most brokers' manifests are easy to create multiple formats or simply upload.

Ride Pooling

Transportation providers have the option to ride pool, saving money that can be passed along to the members, while also improving operational efficiencies.


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Driver and Vehicle Management

With Safr Care's vehicle and driver management features, transportation providers are able to manage both fleets as well as drivers. Track regular maintenance with a dashboard that displays key quality indicators such as missed ride rates, star ratings, and real-time operations.

Auto Dispatch

The auto dispatch feature takes location, vehicle requirements, patient needs and driver availability into account, matching ride requests to drivers with the necessary credentials.



Real-time Monitoring

Through Safr Care’s radar feature, our transportation experts can monitor the in-ride experience and message both patients and drivers to ensure they arrive on schedule.

Operational Analytics

Safr Care’s comprehensive and yet simple dashboard shows live tracking of data on rides, revenue, and total earnings. Customers can see daily operations from a granular view. These reports help the customer analyze service congestion, which results in improving efficiencies, mitigating potential losses, and streamlining overall operations.



New Revenue from Safr Care

By joining the Safr Care network, transportation providers gain access to transportation requests from other networked providers thru our feature called the Marketplace. Transportation providers may choose to send their excess rides to the Marketplace where other transportation providers can accept, resulting in extra income and reduced no-shows.


We are launching Safr Care to empower transport providers like you through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Want an exclusive invite to use the Safr Care platform 100% risk-free at no cost?

Reduce No-Shows for Non-Emergency Medical Transport and Improve your Operational Efficiency

With patient no-shows for Non-Emergency Medical Transport averaging 18% nationally, medical care providers are struggling to maintain their patient’s health and their own economic efficiency. Safr Care’s comprehensive platform provides efficient solutions that address transportation challenges faced by healthcare providers.

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  3. Healthcare Providers


Schedule Rides

Safr Care is integrating with leading Healthcare Record Systems that will allow healthcare providers to easily request non-emergency medical transportation, wheelchair transportation services, or elderly transportation services to medical appointments. This allows providers to focus more on patient care. Healthcare facilities will see a reduced workload by utilizing Safr Care’s intuitive and user-friendly features. Having more time to care for patients results in better clinical outcomes.



Reduce No-Shows

According to a 2017 report published by Health Management Technology, patient no-shows cost hospitals $150 billion annually.  The cost has risen during COVID-19, and is predicted to continue to increase post-pandemic. Some research has suggested that provision of transportation to reduce no-show offers a 297% return on investment (ROI). Safr Care’s healthcare-focused transportation portal easily connects healthcare providers with experienced and credentialed transportation providers, therefore reducing the no-shows that are due to lack of transportation.

Real-time Radar

Healthcare providers can monitor patients while they are in route to medical appointments, or when discharged from the hospital. Providers know instantly that the patient is being transported on schedule. The Safr Care healthcare dashboard makes it easy to communicate with the patient and the driver, resulting in better service standards for healthcare facilities.



“We are addressing one of the top-five social determinants of health with safe and reliable transportation for the underserved.  Without reliable transportation to healthcare appointments, the patient’s health deteriorates.  We are helping our members and helping increase the efficiencies and lowering the costs for the facilities, improving overall health, since, unfortunately, over 5.2 million people miss appointments every year due to lack of adequate transportation.”
Barbara T.

Insurance Coverage

Safr Care’s platform is connected with more than 3,100 payors to allow easy insurance coverage eligibility verification, helping healthcare providers reduce financial burdens while providing critical transportation services to patients. The platform's ability to verify eligibility greatly increases efficiency. Patients can also check their insurance eligibility for transportation services through Safr’s rider app, available in both Android and IOS stores.



Credit Card Payments

Healthcare providers can manage credit card payments through our payment gateway integration. Corporate and individual payors are managed through a single portal, allowing healthcare facilities to more efficiently handle operations.

Schedule Rides from Your Electronic Healthcare Record System

Safr Care is integrated with leading Electronic Healthcare Records, allowing healthcare providers request non-emergency medical transportation, wheelchair transportation services, or elderly transportation services to medical appointments from their native system while allowing them to focus more on their patient care. We reduce workload on the healthcare provider side by providing intuitive and user-friendly features in our healthcare portal, resulting in clinical outcome.


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Intelligent Reports

Healthcare providers can access and download reports that measure key performance indicators (KPI's) from Safr Care's healthcare portal. The intellectual reporting feature also helps measure Return on investment (ROI). The dashboard provides daily updates on ride efficiencies.


We are launching Safr Care to empower Health Care providers like you through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Want an exclusive invite to use the Safr Care platform 100% risk-free


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