purebred poodles california

About the Business: Find exquisite Royal Standard poodles here at Diamond Show Poodles. Contact us in Fresno, CA, today to learn more. Business Hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Poodle puppies aren't just some of the cutest animals you will ever see, but they will grow into some of the most loving dogs you could possibly own. Diamond Show Poodles understands just how great these furry friends are, which is why we are proud to provide purebred poodles for sale in Fresno, CA.

Large royal standard poodles make for great additions to your family, and our purebred poodle service ensures your dog is trained the right way for success. Through our "Bio Sensor" early stimulation techniques, we are able to develop high achieving poodles that are ready for the show ring, service, hunting, tracking, and agility as well as for being companions for life. You have come to the right breeder when you are seeking healthy, happy, and loving temperaments for a premium pet.  


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