Bioplastics International


World's largest selection of plant based bioplastic resins and products, including water soluble PVA resin, bags, packaging films, fiber, we can manufacture virtually any products.

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We have created PVA bags, films, fiber, and products, polyvinyl alcohol, made from refined biogas, renewable natural gas and minerals. Our PVA bags and films are water soluble, they will dissolve in water in minutes, to water and carbon dioxide. They contain no plastic, no toxins, and no bioplastic. Yet they are stronger and more durable than petroleum plastic bags and films.


PVA is approved for human consumption by the USFDA. It is currently used a food additive in dairy products and baked goods, in artificial tears, and for time release pill capsules, as well as the medical industry.


Our PVA bags, films and products  contain no toxins, marine mammals, fish, and land animals can eat them, they will safely pass through digestive systems. 


They will not accumulate in landfills, they can be washed down the sink drain.


They will not contaminate the petroleum plastic recycle stream in any way.


They will dissolve in the oceans or any type of water within minutes, to months, we can control the temperature or the time to dissolve.


Our PVA bags and products  are a start to the solution of the plastic destruction of our oceans and planet.


Our PVA can also be injection and extrusion molded.


We have surpassed the antiquated, confusing  technologies of compostable, biodegradable, bio based, and so on, which do nothing to reduce ocean plastic pollution.  Our water soluble PVA is in a league of its own, the way of the future.


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