How To Setup New linksys router through open your browser and search , You can also contact us. 1-801-890-3242 : How to setup linksys smart wi-fi

Linksys smart wifi setup

  • Open the web browser of your computer system and enter the web address of com or the local static IP or
  • Authenticate your login with a username a
  • Once you are into the Linksys smart wifi setup page, click the WAN or internet settings tab and select the appropriate connection type from the drop-down list of connections.
  • Select the connection type PPPoE and fill in all the details like username and password provided by your concerned service providers.
  • If you want to change the default login password, then click the Wireless security tab and fill in the old/default password once and the new password twice to confirm the password combination.
  • Click save and apply the changes tab and then reboot now tab to get all the settings applied to your Linksys smart wifi router.


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