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Are you planning a trip to the States and thinking about getting a USA visa? Well, you might not actually need one. There are 38 countries, including the UK, who are involved in a visa waiver programme with the US and qualify for the faster, easier, and cheaper ESTA visa.

Those lucky people can also save time on their ESTA application by going through Application ESTA, a company that demystifies the ESTA process and helps you avoid small errors that could see your ESTA application rejected.

Application ESTA employees have decades of experience in the travel industry and can advise on many different topics related to travelling to the USA in less time than the relevant government department. Their most-asked questions include:

  • how long does an ESTA application take?
  • how much is an ESTA?
  • how do I check my ESTA status?
  • how long does an ESTA last?
  • how long can you stay in America without a visa?
  • is my ESTA still valid?
  • do you need a biometric passport to travel to the USA?
  • how long can a British citizen stay in America?

If you’d like the answers to any of these (or any more that you can think of), contact Application ESTA today and get their professional help with your ESTA application.

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