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Wellness Lounge - Massage Therapist - California


Wellness Lounge is a healing sanctuary that focuses on combining Eastern and Western medicine. We want to empower people to heal naturally, using acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga to take care of the body.

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The Wellness Lounge is San Diego’s premier location for Integrative Medicine, specializing in Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Beauty, Skin Care, Eyelash Extension, Airbrush Tanning, as well as weight loss, boot-camps, meditation, various Yoga styles & the Lounge’s revolutionary, Yoga Therapy. The Wellness Lounge is a hip, fun, relaxing sanctuary filled with massage chairs, books, free Wifi, and an exquisite tea lounge. A wonderful way to heal, awaken inner peace, and enjoy a blissful holistic experience. The entire staff is highly experienced, and Lounge’s integrative approach blend many different modalities to get you superior results. The Wellness Lounge offers many different types of massage therapy: Relaxation, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Rolfing, Hot Stone and many more. We also offer fantastic gentle chiropractic care and are known for our integrated Chiroprassages which blends deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments. Our acupuncture menu blends acupuncture acupressure cupping and acussage. We also offer holistic nutrition and offer personalized weight loss groups as well as nutrition education classes.


Our Team

  • Dr. April Walker

Owner, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Kirby Duemig

Office Manager, Personal Trainer & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Bekah Walsten

Marketing Manager, Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Kara Chartier

Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Dr. Reyhaneh Baha

Chiropractor & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Meagan DePaulo

Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Dr. Austin Abbruscato

Chiropactor, Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Kelly Comstock

Front Desk & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Micki Ring

Front Desk & Nutrition

  • Roxy Nemat


  • Michelle Dunn

Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Layla

Office Dog



Our Services


  • Chiropractic

Initial Chiropractic Consultation   $100

Includes an initial chiropractic exam, heat or ice therapy, aromatherapy, hot towels and a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic Plus Adjustment  $65 (30 Minute Follow-Up)

30-45 Minute Chiropractic Adjustment including myofascial release, massage, heat or ice therapy, aromatherpy, facilitated stretching, neck massage, hot towels, Graston and taping if necessary.

Chiropractic Adjustment $40 (15 Minute Follow-Up)

15 Minute Chiropractic Adjustment including heat or ice therapy, aromatherapy, full spinal chiropractic adjustment, traction and therapeutic activation.

Infants and Kids Adjustment $15 (15 Minutes)

A very gentle adjustment tailored to young children and infants.

Graston / Cupping $50 or ($140-4 Pack)

Graston is a non-invasive technique that uses specially designed stainless steel instruments to help identify and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation. As the instruments are moved over the affected area and come in contact with the adhesions, they help break up scar tissue and fascial restrictions. This can be added on to a massage or done as a solo treatment.

More commonly known as Fire Cupping, cupping’s effect on muscle tissue is akin to that of a deep tissue massage. Instead of stroking the muscles deeply inward to get them to relax, suction is used to gently pull the muscle tissue upward to help it release. This can be added on to a massage or done as a solo treatment.

Kinesio Taping $15 (per area)

A rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.

  • Chiroprassage

This unique treatment integrates chiropractic, with your choice of 30-90 minutes of medical massage. There is a synergistic relationship between muscles and joints which both have to be in harmony for optimum health. This is the best way to get well fast, with lasting results!

Initial 90 Minute Chiroprassage $150

This treatment includes a 30 minute chiropractic exam, a 30 minute chiropractic adjustment and a 30 minute medical massage. We require all patients who have never done chiropractic at our office before to start with an Initial Chiropractic Adjustment or an Initial Chiroprassage.

60 Minute Chiroprassage $100 

This treatment includes a 30 minute chiropractic adjustment and a 30 minute medical massage.

90 Minute Chiroprassage $150 

This treatment includes a 30 minute chiropractic adjustment and a 60 minute medical massage.

120 Minute Chiroprassage $200 

This treatment includes a 30 minute chiropractic adjustment and a 90 minute medical massage.


On-Site Wellness

Corporate Menu

Want to bring the Wellness Lounge experience to your office? We offer both corporate massage and chiropractic, allowing you to cater to all of your employees wellness needs. Choose from the options below, or create a custom corporate wellness experience by calling 858-245-6049.


  • Chair or Table Massage  $85

  • * Can be broken up into 10-15 increments to accommodate multiple employees


  • 60 Minute Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin Class - $75

  • 75 Minute Yin Class blended with Thai Massage - $100 (up to 20 people)

  • 75 Minute Yin Class blended with Thai Massage - $150 (20 to 40 people)


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