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Pakistan Explorer Travel & Media Company deals in International Tours, Domestic Tours, Professional Photography, Professional videography / documentaries / TVC's, Adventure sports.

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Pakistan Explorer is one of the leading travel and media companies in Pakistan.

Founded in 2012, Pakistan Explorer intends to reach out to the rest of the world as an ambassador of love and peace and presents “Pakistan-a must-see destination. Emphasizing both on domestic and international tourism, the company takes keen interest in the development and uplift of the local communities, thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in a timely and responsible fashion. We offer the best and the most secure way of traveling through Pakistan and yet be able to enjoy the pleasures of mingling with the local communities, sharing mutual experiences of life, love and the world around us.
So the next time you chose to travel around the world-make it Pakistan-Make it Pakistan Explorer!

Mission Statement

Pakistan Explorer does not have a strictly nationalistic approach towards these natural wonders and considers them as a common treasure of the whole mankind rather than just one country. While we continue to strive for the betterment of the local community of these areas in a bid to increase the tourist inflow in the regions, Pakistan Explorer stands beyond the nationalistic and racial divides and will continue to work for a unified and better world for the coming generations.  Pakistan Explorer believes a common Pakistani or an Asian has as much the right to climb the Yosemite or the mount McKinley in Alaska or Mount Killimanjaro in Tanzania or to hitch hike across the Sahara as any of the European or an American has to scale the giant peaks of Pakistan or Nepal or anywhere in the world.  Pakistan Explorer envisions a world devoid of international borders or passports which restrict people from understanding the better part of the rest of the humanity.


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