Balochistan Dry Fruits Merchants - Aabpara Market - Islamabad


SENCE 1981. We sale best quality dry fruit in beautiful packing. We sell dry fruit to wholesale and retail customers. Best dates of Madina Munawra of all kinds are also available here.

More Detail

We have started our journey towards our destiny from a dry fruit shop with the name Balochistan Dry Fruit 25 years back.  Balochistan Dry Fruit is located on Islamabad F-11 Markaz and Aabpara Market In passage of time we have gained the confidence of a large number of customers.  The reason behind our success is that we never compromise on quality.  We get best quality dry fruit from domestic and various other countries.

This is the reason peoples from inside Pakistan and from foreign countries especially Europe, & Dubai prefer to buy dry fruit from us.

Dried Fruits List:

  • Almond USA Big Size
  • Almond with shell
  • Almond Roasted
  • Almond Sugar Coated
  • Almond Bar
  • Amlok
  • Apricot Afghani
  • Aryana Mix
  • Cashew Nuts Roasted
  • Cashew Nuts Plain
  • Cashew Bar
  • Chocolate Coated Almond
  • Cocount
  • Coconut Slice
  • Coconut powder
  • Dates Dry
  • Dry figs Spical
  • Dry Plum
  • Grains with Shell
  • Gajjak
  • Gurr Nuts
  • Honey Gabbin (Berry)
  • Mouth Freshner
  • Mixed Dry Fruits
  • Marunda
  • Makhaana
  • Nunakkah
  • Mix Roasted
  • Pistachio Shell
  • Pistachio Nuts
  • Pehalwan Raivary
  • Pine Nuts Golden
  • Pine Nuts
  • Pateesa
  • Peanut Shell
  • Peanut Roasted
  • Phuliaan
  • Plum Chutnee
  • Raisin Sunder Khaani
  • Raisin Irani Spical
  • Raisin Green
  • Raisin Red
  • Raivary Sulemani
  • Till Perra
  • Taangree
  • Walnut Whole
  • Walnut Giri
  • Irani salted seeds
  • Gilgit Apricot Single
  • Gilgit Apricot Double
  • Panjeree
  • Imlee Chutnee


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