Basho Valley - Skardu Gilgit Baltistan

Hidden in relative obscurity cradled in the mountains,lles the BASHO valleyit holds boundles promise for trekking,rare wildlife watching and experiencing traditional village life.

Basho is a beautiful and picturesque valley in Skardu Valley at a distance of about one and half hour drive from the Skardu city. The valley is covered by the lush evergreen forest of different species, pastures and gushing, gurgling and trickling streams which make it a part of the heaven. The top of the peaks remain covered by the snow even in the summer.

Famous Places to visit in Basho Valley

  1. Basho meadow is a must-visit place near Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan. Best for camping, and other adventure lovers. The summer season is the most suitable to visit this place.
  2. Basho Waterfall is easily accessible. This beautiful waterfall is next to the bridge leading to Basho Valley. Although this is not a natural waterfall. The source of this waterfall is the overflowed water of the Hydro power plant in Basho Valley.
  3. Chocolate Rocks is also near the Basho Bridge. The appearance of these rocks is similar to that of chocolate. Most importantly, It shines in the sunlight just like a big Chocolate rock.

The most important and important thing here is that the local population itself is the guardian of these forests and wildlife. They have decided that along with the protection of wildlife except for deforestation and enhance the biological landscape by increasing the number of trees. So that not only do the locals get employment opportunities here but also this green and beautiful Valley can be introduced globally. According to tourists the beauty of the valley cannot be described in words.


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