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The cost of the best surrogacy treatments in Delhi ranges from Rs.4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs. This huge range is due to the unknown possibilities that may arise. Ekmi Fertility is connected with the best surrogacy doctor.

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Surrogacy requires a woman to act as the surrogate mother for a couple, which means that she has to carry their baby in her womb till birth.Infertility is becoming a widespread problem, and millions of couples worldwide face diverse infertility issues that require fertility treatments to fulfill the dream of parenthood. Around 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide are facing infertility. Many of these couples have to opt for surrogacy in India. Ekmifertility is one of the best surrogacy centres in Delhi, India. The Ekmifertility based in Delhi NCR is highly certified and renowned for its service in surrogacy. It has over two decades of experience consisting of highly qualified professionals from the world level. It produces a great success rate in surrogacy of up to 100%. It Provides Best Surrogacy Centers in Delhi. It has highly advanced technology and answers to all intending parents, fulfilling their longing dreams of parenthood.

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