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Weissman was right on his read. His friend is just steaming; eventually he looses it and gets kicked out of ceasers for life.We found a cheap hotel and I mean cheap!!! Slept the night.On Saturday we woke up around

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<p>The trip to AC was amazing; I left Montreal at 5:45 but ran into some early trouble at the airport. First mistake was not checking my reservations and thinking I was flying American Airlines when I was on US Airways. So I got my friend to drop me off at the AA section of the Airport and had to walk to the other side due to my mistake. I get through no problems only to get flagged at the <a href=\"\"><strong>bitcoin casinos</strong></a>. Funny thing is that there are about 30 Arabs behind me with the full facial gear and they have red upside-down crosses on their heads, they flag the skinny white dude going to Philadelphia. They take me to the back room and check all my stuff out (15 minutes) and I am on my way.</p> <p>The flight went really fast, I spent it talking to this nice girl who was a med student at a university in Montreal. I am sure I could have gotten her number and talked to her in Montreal but I was just not interested in her. I landed in Philly and called Weissman and after about 40 minutes trying to figure out where he was and I was we were on our way to AC.</p> <p>We get to AC and meet up with 2 of Weissmans friends that are already in a 1-2NL game at Ceasers. I wanted to play limit but there was a seat open and decided to play some NL. There was a total Donkey that was sitting right next to Weissman and he must have dropped 800-900 in the few hours we were sitting there. The Donkey hit me hard early for about 75$ in a few hands. Hitting trip 7s on the river on me.</p> <p>I got him back with a huge suck out of my own. On a J-9-Q board and with me having Q-8 If I remember correctly, I was heads up with him so I bet out enough to put him all in 30$ or so, and he called Turn 9 River Q and he flipped J-9 and I counterfeited him in a nice pot.</p> <p>I tagged Weissmans buddy for the biggest pot of the day. The game was pretty passive, with AK I made it 15$ (standard raise at this table) and it was made 40$ (or so) by Weissmans friend. Now from what I recall there hadn�t even been a re-raise PF to this point since I sat so I was sure it was AA-KK-AK-QQ-JJ with JJ not being likely.</p> <p>Flop came K-x-x 2 hearts I think though. I was out of position and decided to check to see what he bet and move from there. He bet 21$ so this was a very weak bet into a decent size pot. Now I called rather quickly, his bet was either a feeler bet to see where he was or a weak bet to keep me in with a hand that had a K in it. IE he has AA or AK and wants me to stay in with something like KQ or a smaller Pair. I wanted to see what happened on the turn and possibly see if he was weak or if he could fire again on the turn. Turn came a 4 so the board was K-x-x-4. I checked and he bet 25$ another weak bet so now I am certain that AK is good here and just min raise to commit him to the pot more so I make it 50$T he calls and the river is another K Board was K-x-x-4-K. I decided to value bet 75$ and he goes into the tank now I am 100% sure AK is good here. He takes out 150$ and starts to think, I just sit waiting and debate over the fact that if he puts 150$ more then maybe my AK isn�t good and his going into the tank is stalling to make himself look weak. Weissman�s other friend heads over to talk to him and Weissman tells him I have AK and his other buddy has QQ. Eventually he calls and shows QQ and I take the pot.</p> <p>Weissman was right on his read. His friend is just steaming; eventually he looses it and gets kicked out of ceasers for life.</p> <p>We found a cheap hotel and I mean cheap!!! Slept the night.</p> <p>On Saturday we woke up around 1 pm and headed to the Tropicana to play some online casinos usa. I got into a 5-10 game and Weissman played some 1-2NL. The 5-10 game was a total Joke it plays worse than .5-.10 Cents online. Some guy kept calling 3-4 bets cold with A junk and he kept hitting against me. I tilted so hard and threw my cards at the dealer after the same dealer put an A on the river against my KK in huge pots. He did this to me twice in 1 orbit, I kept telling people at my table that I was heading back to the internet because live online casinos usa is RIGGED. I lost 300$ in that game.</p> <p>Esoterix and Walt showed up so I played 1-2NL with Esoterix and Weissman while Walt played some 2-4$. I lost another 200$ and was in need of some more cash. The hands I lost with were good hands just some bad luck.</p> <p>First hand that I sat with at the 1-2NL was AK I bet someone goes all in for 30$ more I call he has 7-7 and hits his set. Few hands later some kid who had played tight pushes in for about 30$ and I move in behind him to isolate and the guy who had 7-7 called. I was sure that I was going bust here. In cash games you don�t have to show your cards PF although I said to him ��you got a pair you are ahead�� he said no and flashed me a K so I showed AK and he tapped the table to say I was ahead. The turn brought a Q and both Esoterix and weissman let out a grunt as if to say he probably has KQ and I just ate one. AK was good and I win the side pot kid shows 99 and takes the main pot of another 90$ or so.</p> <p><a href=\"\"><strong>bitcoin casinos</strong></a></p> <p><strong>Web : <a href=\"\"></a></strong></p>


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