Fri Chicks - Samanabad Road, Faisalabad

Welcome to Fri-Chicks Faisalabad. Making The Delicious Premium Food Since 2002. We deal in best fast food products in Pakistan. Burgers,Pizza,French fries,Drink,Deals,Ice-cream,Chicken products

I have been in the food business since 2002. It’s been a long journey as I, being a middle class individual came across many ups and downs during this whole time but endless efforts and motivation of my whole team helped me in reaching this far as a Pakistan biggest fast-food local chain.

So what makes a difference is the way one perceives food and consumes it. Delicious and healthy food, served with delicacy and standards is the best worldly gift, l would like to expect from anyone. We pay equal attention to the youth, families and business community. We are also looking into diversifying as a socially corporate responsible food brand of Pakistan. Your constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome like recipes selling as hot cakes.

Upon assuming the responsibilities as Chief Executive of (FC) “FRI-CHICKS” I shall make all efforts to follow the policies of the company in letter and spirit. Despite enormous challenges in the food business today, I shall do my utmost to increase the number of (FC) “FRI-CHICKS” outlets. I pray to Almighty ALLAH to make my efforts bear fruits. With the support of my talented and professional management team, I shall remain committed to providing the best, delicious and healthy food for all of the Food Lovers.


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